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Enh.Source codeAdd output buffering API functionsNew
Enh.Source codeMove "nocount" and "saved" parameters into sessionNew
ToDoSource codeCheck XHTML syntax on install formAcknowledged
ToDoSource codeCheck CSS syntaxAcknowledged
Feat.Source codeBypass object model for more performanceAssigned
Feat.Source codeFaster object methods with less-weighted SQL queriesAssigned
Feat.Source codeLastPostDate consistency checkNew
Feat.Source codeBroken browsers compatibility modeNew
Feat.Source codeABBC syntax error correctionsNew
Feat.Source codeCalculate my own weekday for dates <= 1970New
Feat.Source codePHP error handling ideasNew
ToDoSource codeCSS: a.adminNew
ToDoSource codeUnix linefeedsNew
ToDoSource codeRename editor.js*New
Enh.Source codeOptimize ABBC tag boundary searchNew
BugSource codeMake all string functions UTF-8 awareClosed: Fixed
BugSource codeXHTML complianceClosed: Won't fix
ToDoSource codeSpecial PHP extensions necessary?Closed: Fixed
BugSource codeIThread::Find must accept custom WHERE definitionClosed: Fixed
Feat.Source codeSend mails with sendmail or PHP's mail()Closed: Implemented
Feat.Source codeCleartext passwords in config filesClosed: Implemented
ToDoSource codeAdd global path prefixClosed: Fixed
BugSource codeAdd parameter for POST formsClosed: Won't fix
BugSource codeMake smileys codes case-insensitive (ABBC)Closed: Fixed
Feat.Source codeUse user css and cfg files for designsClosed: Implemented
ToDoSource codeMove parameter cleaning into class methodsClosed: Fixed
ToDoSource codeRename user ActivateKey into ValidateKeyClosed: Fixed
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