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BugAppearanceQuoting posts and the 'disable smileys' optionAcknowledged
BugInstallationConverters need much memory for large databasesAcknowledged
Feat.GeneralCPU savingsAcknowledged
Feat.GeneralSend mails to multiple recipientsAcknowledged
Feat.GeneralTimeout for messagesAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityChange own user groups for other usersAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityCombine multiple rules in ACL editorAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityCustomize access rules orderAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityAccess right: closeownthreadAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityBan IP addressesAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityMaximum password lifetimeAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityShow all IP addresses a member has posted withAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityForeign (external) authenticationAcknowledged
Feat.AppearanceIcons for avatars/photos in users list and with postsAcknowledged
Feat.InstallationImport scripts from other board systemsAcknowledged
Feat.DatabaseAdd more database repair functionsAcknowledged
Feat.SearchLogical operators for searchAcknowledged
Feat.SearchFind similar wordsAcknowledged
Feat.User profileManual DST correctionAcknowledged
Feat.User profileSmileys and special characters as user optionAcknowledged
Feat.User profileNon-public extra profile fieldsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingDelete multiple threadsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingMass-move many threads to another forumAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handling'Report to moderator' linkAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingSelect from defined categories as topic prefixAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingExpire date for threads' important flagAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingMultiple attachmentsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingMulti-vote pollsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingSave every post preview for later recall / Post draftsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingFind related topicsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingUnlock single posts for editing by usersAcknowledged
Feat.Code parserMake line numbers in [code] blocks optionalAcknowledged
Feat.Code parserCache rendered HTML of postsAcknowledged
Feat.Error handlingPrecisely log errors with mails or notificationsAcknowledged
Feat.Error handlingWrite database access errors into the error logAcknowledged
Feat.SubscriptionsForced notificationAcknowledged
ToDoInternationalisationWrite a translation how-toAcknowledged
ToDoSource codeCheck XHTML syntax on install formAcknowledged
ToDoSource codeCheck CSS syntaxAcknowledged
Enh.AppearanceNot enough space for all post action icons with text descriptionAcknowledged
Enh.DatabaseFind forums in a single SQL queryAcknowledged
Feat.AppearanceExtend special characters list to text modules listAcknowledged
Feat.Installationchmod files on installationAcknowledged
Feat.InstallationSet admin username and password at installationAcknowledged
Feat.ConfigurationUser upload quotaAcknowledged
Feat.User profileCustom thread/post order, items per page etcAcknowledged
ToDoDatabaseLowercase all table namesAcknowledged
Enh.SecuritySet exact path for cookiesAcknowledged
Enh.Code parserABBC parser for multiple target mediumsAcknowledged
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