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BugAppearanceQuoting posts and the 'disable smileys' optionAcknowledged
BugInstallationConverters need much memory for large databasesAcknowledged
BugCode parserLinks ending with a ")" character include that characterConfirmed
BugCode parserURLs at the beginning of * lists are not linkifiedConfirmed
BugDatabaseRestore full database abstractionTesting
BugSecurityICQ/Jabber notifications allow arbitrary addressNew
BugAppearanceExtra fields in user profile not aligned correctlyNew
BugAppearance"Current topics of the last 1 days"New
BugSearchPolls in hidden forums are countedConfirmed
BugInstallationReally check database integrity on importClosed: Fixed
BugSearchSearch highlighting interferes with HTML tagsClosed: Fixed
BugSource codeMake all string functions UTF-8 awareClosed: Fixed
BugSource codeXHTML complianceClosed: Won't fix
BugPosts handling"Remove old topic subscriptions" also resets bookmarksClosed: Fixed
BugCode parserFind special codes and URLs in normal parser stepClosed: Fixed
BugCode parserSubsequent *bold* or other special syntax is not foundClosed: Fixed
BugCode parserSmileys are not recognised next to tagsClosed: Fixed
BugCode parserAuto-listsClosed: Fixed
BugGeneraltest bugClosed: Duplicate
BugGeneral"Smilies" are really "smileys"Closed: Fixed
BugSecurityadmin_lock doesn't stop POST/GET formsClosed: Fixed
BugSecurityBypass forum to directly download post attachments with HTTPClosed: Fixed
BugAppearanceDon't show empty images (Text-only design)Closed: Obsolete
BugSource codeIThread::Find must accept custom WHERE definitionClosed: Fixed
BugCode parserSpecial syntax italics has problems with /path/.filenamesClosed: Won't fix
BugCode parserURLs are auto-linkified to "wwww"Closed: Fixed
BugError handlingHandle notification send-out errorsClosed: Fixed
BugSecurityAccess rules are not applied to forums' categoriesClosed: Won't fix
BugAppearanceStatistics graph has odd widthClosed: Not a bug
BugAppearanceLong usernames mess up the old layoutClosed: Fixed
BugAppearanceUTF-8 usernames are sorted incorrectlyClosed: Duplicate
BugInstallationOld board configuration file importClosed: Fixed
BugDatabaseStatistics date must be 0h UTCClosed: Fixed
BugSource codeAdd parameter for POST formsClosed: Won't fix
BugSource codeMake smileys codes case-insensitive (ABBC)Closed: Fixed
BugCode parserOnly allow [*] within [list]Closed: Fixed
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