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Feat.Posts handlingMultiQuoteAssigned
Feat.SubscriptionsSubscribe to entire forumsAssigned
Feat.GeneralShow posts/threads count for all subforumsNew
Feat.GeneralTask schedulerNew
Feat.GeneralMore statistic numbersNew
Feat.GeneralMultiple questions in a pollNew
Feat.GeneralBoard contact formNew
Feat.AppearanceFind internal links and mark them differentlyNew
Feat.AppearanceLimit BBCode features for posts and signaturesNew
Feat.AppearanceInline uploaded images in postsNew
Feat.InstallationAutomatic language/design/smileys installationNew
Feat.InstallationAssign user groups in import script UINew
Feat.DatabaseNew forum flags: not ignorable/hidable, allow group messagingNew
Feat.ConfigurationAdminCP summary informationNew
Feat.ConfigurationReduce database sizeNew
Feat.ConfigurationSuggest optimal configuration valuesNew
Feat.User profileAdmin's user notesNew
Feat.Posts handlingMerge threadsNew
Feat.Posts handlingMake threads' description field for new threads optionalNew
Feat.Posts handlingFind quoted postsNew
Feat.Posts handlingMark posts as hiddenNew
Feat.Posts handlingStateful BBCode buttonsNew
Feat.Posts handlingMove posts: List recently viewed threads as possible targetsNew
Feat.Posts handlingModeration cooperation methodsNew
Feat.GeneralCPU savingsAcknowledged
Feat.GeneralSend mails to multiple recipientsAcknowledged
Feat.GeneralTimeout for messagesAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityChange own user groups for other usersAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityCombine multiple rules in ACL editorAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityCustomize access rules orderAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityAccess right: closeownthreadAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityBan IP addressesAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityMaximum password lifetimeAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityShow all IP addresses a member has posted withAcknowledged
Feat.SecurityForeign (external) authenticationAcknowledged
Feat.AppearanceIcons for avatars/photos in users list and with postsAcknowledged
Feat.InstallationImport scripts from other board systemsAcknowledged
Feat.DatabaseAdd more database repair functionsAcknowledged
Feat.SearchLogical operators for searchAcknowledged
Feat.SearchFind similar wordsAcknowledged
Feat.User profileManual DST correctionAcknowledged
Feat.User profileSmileys and special characters as user optionAcknowledged
Feat.User profileNon-public extra profile fieldsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingDelete multiple threadsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingMass-move many threads to another forumAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handling'Report to moderator' linkAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingSelect from defined categories as topic prefixAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingExpire date for threads' important flagAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingMultiple attachmentsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingMulti-vote pollsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingSave every post preview for later recall / Post draftsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingFind related topicsAcknowledged
Feat.Posts handlingUnlock single posts for editing by usersAcknowledged
Feat.Code parserMake line numbers in [code] blocks optionalAcknowledged
Feat.Code parserCache rendered HTML of postsAcknowledged
Feat.Error handlingPrecisely log errors with mails or notificationsAcknowledged
Feat.Error handlingWrite database access errors into the error logAcknowledged
Feat.SubscriptionsForced notificationAcknowledged
Feat.GeneralEntirely replace e-mail by JabberAssigned
Feat.GeneralBackup/restore toolAssigned
Feat.SecurityFlood controlAssigned
Feat.AppearanceMove link to last posting from special icon to topic titleAssigned
Feat.DatabaseMore performance by database redundancyAssigned
Feat.Source codeBypass object model for more performanceAssigned
Feat.Source codeFaster object methods with less-weighted SQL queriesAssigned
Feat.SearchUnread threads management with filteringTesting
Feat.GeneralSave guest's name in session or as cookieNew
Feat.GeneralCount fraction of user's posts of all postsNew
Feat.GeneralTopic ratingNew
Feat.GeneralHTML exportNew
Feat.GeneralHTML mails with BBCodeNew
Feat.GeneralSet design/language... for current session onlyNew
Feat.GeneralXML automation interfaceNew
Feat.GeneralIntegration of newsgroups or mailing listsNew
Feat.GeneralSpam ratingNew
Feat.GeneralDon't count users' posts in certain forumsNew
Feat.GeneralFilter log on threads, forums, moderating actions etc.New
Feat.GeneralView RSS feeds as forums/threadsNew
Feat.GeneralAuto-guide the userNew
Feat.GeneralRSS feed importNew
Feat.GeneralUser name auto-completionNew
Feat.GeneralRetain poll results until the poll's endNew
Feat.GeneralNew forum.category flag: collapse for guestsNew
Feat.SecurityAccess right: allowhtmlNew
Feat.SecurityApply mail domains filter to user profilesNew
Feat.SecurityEncrypt password cookiesNew
Feat.AppearancePrinter friendly versionNew
Feat.AppearanceNew designNew
Feat.AppearanceOption: Don't save size of external avatarsNew
Feat.AppearanceShow FastReply with DHTMLNew
Feat.AppearanceNew forums and threads iconsNew
Feat.AppearanceAlso search in user profiles and topic descriptionsNew
Feat.AppearanceShow extra profile fields with postsNew
Feat.AppearanceMark threads as low-priority, duplicate or somethingNew
Feat.AppearanceStatistics on usage of notifications and bookmarksNew
Feat.AppearanceIgnore tags in posts as post optionNew
Feat.AppearanceDescriptions for extra profile fieldsNew
Feat.AppearanceColour-mark users in listsNew
Feat.AppearanceOffer more smileysNew
Feat.AppearanceGenerate thumbnails for attached imagesNew
Feat.AppearanceUser-defined CSS definitionsNew
Feat.AppearanceMaster designsNew
Feat.AppearanceShow/hide administrative linksNew
Feat.AppearanceForum iconsNew
Feat.AppearanceUse browser sidebarsNew
Feat.AppearanceUsergroupToStatus functionNew
Feat.AppearanceDesign preview imagesNew
Feat.AppearanceThread highlightingNew
Feat.AppearanceNew access rightsNew
Feat.AppearanceView single postNew
Feat.AppearanceMore DHTMLNew
Feat.AppearanceCollate subsequent posts of the same authorNew
Feat.Little thingsPrevent screaming in topic titlesNew
Feat.Little thingsWarn about global read-only modeNew
Feat.InstallationRecovery tool for adminsNew
Feat.DatabaseUse auto_increment columns for IDsNew
Feat.DatabaseDatabase maintanance featuresNew
Feat.DatabaseAutomatically check databaseNew
Feat.SearchAdvanced searchNew
Feat.SearchFind "related" topicsNew
Feat.ConfigurationCustom registration agreementNew
Feat.ConfigurationCreate new forums from the forums overview pageNew
Feat.ConfigurationAssign moderators to forumsNew
Feat.ConfigurationSave imprint in the boardNew
Feat.ConfigurationCustomize Jabber ressource nameNew
Feat.ConfigurationProhibit vote cancellingNew
Feat.ConfigurationSQL query interfaceNew
Feat.ConfigurationRead error log from Admin CPNew
Feat.ConfigurationPopup window for object ID resolutionNew
Feat.ConfigurationNew configuration optionsNew
Feat.ConfigurationBoard operation without an e-mail accountNew
Feat.InternationalisationLanguage synchronosation toolNew
Feat.InternationalisationMeta fields for language filesNew
Feat.Source codeLastPostDate consistency checkNew
Feat.Source codeBroken browsers compatibility modeNew
Feat.Source codeABBC syntax error correctionsNew
Feat.Source codeCalculate my own weekday for dates <= 1970New
Feat.Source codePHP error handling ideasNew
Feat.User profileAvatar maximum dimensionsNew
Feat.User profileCustomize BBCode controlsNew
Feat.User profileInvisible usersNew
Feat.User profilePriorities/categories/notes for bookmarksNew
Feat.User profileShow Jabber vCard in user profileNew
Feat.User profileSpecify user's start pageNew
Feat.User profileSelf user groups management for usersNew
Feat.User profileAccount renewal optionNew
Feat.User profileUser profile fields requirementsNew
Feat.User profileDisallow animated GIFs for avatarsNew
Feat.User profileExtra profile field typesNew
Feat.User registrationUser registration by recommendationNew
Feat.User registrationMatch user's browsers while validatingNew
Feat.User registrationRedesign user registration agreementNew
Feat.User registration.NET passport auto-registration/authenticationNew
Feat.User registrationWarn about yet unvalidated accountNew
Feat.Posts handlingMark posts as deletedNew
Feat.Posts handlingRecommend topic via e-mailNew
Feat.Posts handlingMake category icons inform about new posts, also when collapsedNew
Feat.Posts handlingSave previous versions of a postNew
Feat.Posts handlingRecycle bin for deleted postsNew
Feat.Posts handlingForce post previewNew
Feat.Posts handlingWYSIWYG editorNew
Feat.Posts handlingPosts moderation queueNew
Feat.Posts handlingIgnore usersNew
Feat.Posts handlingOpen all unread topics in new windows/tabsNew
Feat.Posts handlingMore Jabber optionsNew
Feat.Posts handlingInform about new votes in a poll in the threads listNew
Feat.Posts handlingAdvanced special characters editorNew
Feat.Posts handlingThread summaryNew
Feat.Posts handlingAllow guests to edit their postsNew
Feat.Posts handlingSubsequent posts mergingNew
Feat.Posts handlingCollision detection for post editingNew
Feat.Posts handlingCount number of posts for guestsNew
Feat.Posts handlingUser option: Initially show smileys selectionNew
Feat.Posts handlingNull votesNew
Feat.Code parser"Read more" tagsNew
Feat.Code parserNew search tagsNew
Feat.Code parserMathematics supportNew
Feat.DocumentationList more common abbreviationsNew
Feat.SubscriptionsShow all notifications in a thread to AdminsNew
Feat.SubscriptionsNotify on new votesNew
Feat.SubscriptionsSend posts' content on notificationNew
Feat.AppearanceExtend special characters list to text modules listAcknowledged
Feat.Installationchmod files on installationAcknowledged
Feat.InstallationSet admin username and password at installationAcknowledged
Feat.ConfigurationUser upload quotaAcknowledged
Feat.User profileCustom thread/post order, items per page etcAcknowledged
Feat.AppearanceThreaded viewAssigned
Feat.AppearanceScale down oversized avatars or photosAssigned
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