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Enh.GeneralImprove bot protectionNew
Enh.AppearanceMark bookmarked topics with new postsNew
Enh.AppearanceNice-to-copy [code] viewNew
Enh.AppearanceDisplay threads within forums listNew
Enh.AppearancePost count and topic count in forums listNew
Enh.DatabaseWrite entire log into databaseNew
Enh.DatabaseMySQL 4.1 supportNew
Enh.Source codeAdd output buffering API functionsNew
Enh.Source codeMove "nocount" and "saved" parameters into sessionNew
Enh.User profileFilter user titlesNew
Enh.User profilevCard-style user profile storageNew
Enh.Posts handlingNotify on edited postsNew
Enh.Posts handlingWarn about new or modified posts on a later replyNew
Enh.AppearanceNot enough space for all post action icons with text descriptionAcknowledged
Enh.DatabaseFind forums in a single SQL queryAcknowledged
Enh.Error handlingSave error messages with numeric codesConfirmed
Enh.DatabaseStore IP addresses as integerAssigned
Enh.User profilePrivacy option for Jabber IDAssigned
Enh.GeneralWho Is Online listNew
Enh.GeneralChange direct post linksNew
Enh.AppearanceResize avatar to max/2 instead of size/2New
Enh.AppearanceNearText Gray design: messages separator lineNew
Enh.AppearanceOutput posts in their own <table>New
Enh.AppearancePreview user signature with correct CSS classNew
Enh.AppearanceSearch term highlighting in thread viewNew
Enh.AppearanceDesign option: use controls skinning or notNew
Enh.AppearanceOnly show BBCode buttons to JavaScript-enabled browsersNew
Enh.Little thingsInsert smileys without extra spacesNew
Enh.Little things"Mark thread important" link in Advanced links sectionNew
Enh.InstallationImport scripts should derive table generation from main installerNew
Enh.InstallationInstall script should check directory access (CHMOD)New
Enh.SearchSave multiple search resultsNew
Enh.Source codeOptimize ABBC tag boundary searchNew
Enh.User profileDon't fully block user profiles view for guestsNew
Enh.Posts handlingAvoid duplicate posts with temporary IDsNew
Enh.Error handlingEnhance error log backtraceNew
Enh.SecuritySet exact path for cookiesAcknowledged
Enh.Code parserABBC parser for multiple target mediumsAcknowledged
Enh.Appearance"Previous posts have beed edited" noteClosed: Implemented
Enh.Posts handlingAllow any post attachment filename extensionClosed: Implemented
Enh.Posts handlingSelect forum for new splitted threadClosed: Implemented
Enh.User profileSubscriptions lists with checkboxesClosed: Implemented
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