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2011-07-05, 21:53 by Yves
Subject: Temporary changes to guest posting
Due to excessive spam and garbage loaded off in this forum, I have currently disabled guest posting. Additionally, user account creation is under automated spam control and may thus be denied with a corresponding message. This system is still under evaluation. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but this seems to be the only way you can operate web forms these days. :-(
2004-01-23, 18:32 by Yves
Subject: Welcome to the UNB Support Forum!
Here you can talk to other UNB users or admins and share new ideas or report bugs. See the project homepage for details, downloads and developer information. Guests are allowed to post here, but please show some discipline. Inappropriate postings or spam may be altered or removed (silently) as well as their author accounts.
And... please use the board's search function and read the Common Support Advice first before posting a question here. Thanks.


Anything that doesn't fit in another category. Read me first before posting anywhere! 507 threads 2991 posts
Questions and problems with setting up a board or moving from another software or server. 127 threads 713 posts
Please report here, if something goes wrong!
Bitte hier melden, wenn irgendwas nicht funktioniert!
409 threads 2571 posts
Feature wishes, new ideas, criticism - anything you'd like to see different.
Neue Funktionen, Kritik an der einen oder anderen Funktion - alles was ihr gerne irgendwie anders hättet.
267 threads 1677 posts
Latest releases or critical software updates
Letzte Veröffentlichungen oder kritische Software-Updates
36 threads 425 posts
Customising UNB  
If you want your board to look different or do something in another way, this is your place. Discuss modifications, designs and translations here.
Talk about code changes and new plug-in ideas 121 threads 671 posts
There are more subforums below this one: Plug-in gallery
Questions on design internals; publishing new artwork 52 threads 338 posts
Discussions on the translation system; news about board translations 44 threads 424 posts
Who uses the UNB where? Tell us here!
Wer verwendet das UNB wo? Trag dich hier ein!
80 threads 194 posts
This is about the UNB website, design and content.
Hier geht es um die Webseite, ihr Aussehen und den Inhalt.
13 threads 41 posts
Hier ist der Ort für Diskussionen, Fragen und Vorschläge zur Planung und Entwicklung der zweiten UNB-Version. 6 threads 64 posts
Just test out the board, you cannot do harm here...
Probier' es ruhig aus, hier kannst du nichts kaputt machen... (Testforum)
137 threads 574 posts
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