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Known issues with version 1.5.3
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Subject: Known issues with version 1.5.3
Hey, this is a scribbled list of all problems with UNB 1.5.3 I'm aware of, in an arbitrary order. I'm trying to keep it up-to-date. Discussion goes to the relevant forums or threads please. The red ones are worth fixing soon, you might not even encounter all others. None of them is critical, there's a manual patch or workaround for everything here.
Minor scrolling issue with post editor and smilies box

UserForumFlags are not cleaned up when deleting a thread/post
solution:,1#2342 or,1#2375

Splitting a post off to a new thread causes invalid reply IDs to be set for that post
no solution yet

Import script doesn't work with register_globals=on
solution: solved for 1.5.4, mod for 1.5.3:,1#2340
I have uploaded new import scripts with a temporary work-around now, so you don't need to fix the board.

Statistics don't count unverified users when validation is set to manual
solution not yet implemented

ABBC help pages contain short PHP tags
solution: solved for 1.5.4, correct PHP tags in all affected files for 1.5.3

Jabber notification w/o short_urls produces invalid links (& instead of &)
solution: solved for 1.5.4, mod for 1.5.3:

You can't click smilies with Internet Explorer
This is an Internet Explorer bug actually. discussion:
work-around: disable the JavaScript code around "correctPNGforIE" in common.js.

CP page "Topic filter" table has multiple header lines
This is because you wanted to use the slightly misplaced links to hide or ignore the overview page. I'll remove these links in the future. The header lines will disappear when you unignore or unhide the overview page again.

Invalid SQL queries are generated and data is displayed incorrectly or incomplete when users_per_page = 0
work-around: don't set this option and similar ones to 0. problem exists at least in

AdminCP/forum overview/add forum: Links don't work with cookies disabled
work-around: enable cookies; use links displayed on each forum page instead of the AdminCP

RSS feed contains non-public posts or is empty
work-around: set cache time to 0 at the top of
solved for 1.5.4
Overview page shows users' birthdays also to guests (or anyone not allowed to see user profiles)
work-around: disable display of birthdays on the overview page with config option show_birthdays
solved for 1.5.4
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