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Posts handling: Save previous versions of a post

AuthoryvesDate01 Aug 2004 00:10
Collect all previous versions of a post in a separate table similar to the Posts table and only keep the newest version in the real Posts table. So no code change is needes for search, display etc.

Track versions of a post with a versions counter with each post.

So posts could easily be hidden from the public (same effect as deleting, but a special message could be displayed here) without losing its content. The deletion could also be reverted.

see Text_Diff PEAR library for diffs http://pear.php.net
Reported versionDue version2.0
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Changes history:
01 Aug 2004 00:10yvesOpened task
05 Aug 2004 20:25yvesChanged description
27 Sep 2004 22:13yvesChanged description
10 Jun 2005 19:34yvesChanged due version ( → 1.8)
06 Jan 2006 18:46yvesChanged due version (1.9 → 2.0)
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