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Search: Find "related" topics

AuthoryvesDate20 Apr 2005 13:33
Display a list of somehow related topics with a thread
"Related" could be defined by a search for the words of the current topic subject

Option: Require the user to see a list of similar topics before posting a new thread
With the option to append the new post to one of the present topics instead of creating a new topic
Limit this option to users with less than n posts

IceRAM's thoughts on the "related" search:
take all words with length >=3 && numbers and do a search with them
sort decreasing by date
more relevant are the topics with the words in the title, not in the content
Reported version1.5.3Due version
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Estimated costUnknown
Changes history:
20 Apr 2005 13:33yvesOpened task
20 Apr 2005 13:45yvesChanged description
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