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General: Search engine optimisation

StatusClosed (ass. to yves)PriorityMedium
AuthoryvesDate31 Jul 2005 20:33
Keep search engines from indexing non-content pages like dereferers and forms:
Add <meta name="robots" content="noindex, follow" /> to those pages' HTML head.

No-index the following pages:
forms (post editor)
empty user profiles ("access denied")
forum index page
[in general, all page that contains very dynamic content only for a limited time]

Set an expriation date or something for highly dynamic content like "current topics" search
(only to recognised search engines, not to normal browsers)
Keywordsgoogle seo
Close reasonImplemented
Close useryvesClose date19 Dec 2005 16:25
Reported versionDue version1.6
  100 %
Estimated costMostly text work
Changes history:
31 Jul 2005 20:33yvesOpened task
28 Aug 2005 10:19yvesChanged status (New → Acknowledged)
  Changed description
  Changed keywords ( → google)
  Changed due version ( → 1.6)
  Changed estimated cost (Unknown → Mostly text work)
31 Aug 2005 16:58yvesChanged description
  Changed keywords (google → google seo)
08 Oct 2005 21:17yvesChanged status (Acknowledged → Assigned)
  Changed assigned user ( → yves)
  Changed percent complete (0 % → 50 %)
19 Dec 2005 16:25yvesChanged status (Assigned → Closed)
  Changed close reason (None → Implemented)
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