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General: "Smilies" are really "smileys"

StatusClosed (ass. to yves)PriorityMedium
AuthoryvesDate19 Dec 2005 16:22
Rename any instance of "smilie" and "smilies" in source code, translation and the web pages by "smiley" and "smileys".

Forum thread: http://newsboard.unclassified.de/forum/thread/771

Note on the bug fix: The source code was not altered. This would require unnecessary testing effort to ensure everything still works and actually, it's not very important... So I only corrected spelling in the UI.
Close reasonFixed
Close useryvesClose date20 Apr 2007 18:31
Reported versionDue version1.6.4
  100 %
Estimated costMostly text work
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19 Dec 2005 16:22yvesOpened task
04 Mar 2007 11:58yvesChanged due version (1.7 → 1.6.4)
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