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Search: Unread threads management with filtering

StatusTesting (ass. to yves)PriorityMedium
AuthoryvesDate30 Jul 2004 23:02
Unread threads:
{{g:Create a black list for forums or threads to be listed here
Add a CP page like "topic/forum filter" with black-listed forums and topics
Adding topics can be done from the particular thread view page
Adding forums can be done from the particular forum view page}} or with a form that has the dropdown box with all forums in it
{{g:These ignore/unignore links will be placed in an "advanced options" box at the end of the pages
If a filter is in effect, show a link to list really all unread threads in all forums (current behaviour)
Only show the "unread topics" link on the overview page, if there are filtered unread topics
The real unread topics list shall be available from that place in the CP where the filter can be managed
These advanced search links go into an "advanced options" box on the search page

Mark all threads/forums as read:
Make new threads never show up as unread again:
[Code: for each thread: if LastRead > 0 then LastRead = now else LastRead = infinite] deprecated!
  Using UserForumFlags table instead
An auto-ignored topic must be manually un-ignored
+Link to ignore a thread into advanced options box
Admins must be able to view the number of users ignoring this thread and clear the ignore state for all users once (clear the Ignore flag)}}

Admin's "who has read this" list: filter out users that have not really read it (LastDisplayed < LastRead) (and maybe sort list by LastRead?)

{{g:Add option to hide forums from the forums list (like with messages/announcements)}}
IF forums are hidden THEN show a link to display all those forums once|for this session|until hidden again (all at once!)
show the link in the category/forum where the hidden forums are or one global link for all?
this link could look like the one for the deeper-level forums list
{{g:hidden forums should be considered as black-listed for new|unread topics search}}

{{g:Another enhancement: (SMF1)
Show a divider line between new and old unread topics (the gray one)
Everything newer than (LastPostDate) last login or logout(?) time (use numbers from "new topics since last login") is new, the rest is old}}

Update: The remaining tasks will be available after release of version 1.5.3
Reported versionDue version1.5.3
  85 %
Estimated costExtensive work
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