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Security: Change own user groups for other users

AuthoryvesDate30 Jul 2004 22:17
Users can only change other users' group memberships for that groups that they are member of themselves
example: only gmods can +/-gmod another user
The is_admin right allows changing of all groups, though

Mark valid groups in the user CP (background colour) and disable all disalowed

Should global mods then also be able to make changes to groups memberships of other users?
This would be good because they could 'ban' and 'unban' users then

Source code: unb_lib/cp.inc.php:565 ("setusergroups")
Update documentation: http://newsboard.unclassified.de/docs/access#global-actions
Keywordsuser groups moderators
Reported version1.5-dev-20040729Due version
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