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Posts handling: MultiQuote

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MultiQuote (IPB2)

IPB says:
You'll notice a little "+QUOTE" button to the bottom right of your post area (next to the "up" arrow) when viewing a topic. Clicking on this will turn the button red and when you next hit "Add Reply", the clicked posts will be added to the post window as quotes! You can click again to turn them off and this feature works across pages, posts, topics and even forums.

Click on the icon saves the post ID and goes back to the selected post
Storage in an array in the session
If posts are selected, anywhere on the page should be a note about that (with a link to delete them)
Upon replying, all selected posts are inserted in their order of selection

Other way: Clicking the icon will add the post's ID into a cookie array (where it can also be removed again). This cookie will be sent to the server (I hope) on every page request then. When the user wants to reply somewhere, the array is evaluated, posts are inserted and the array will be removed upon successful post saving!

New ABBC tag: [farquote]
It can save more data about quoted posts from other threads/forums
For posts from other threads or forums, their name will be added to the author's name
Ex: [farquote=‹PostID›]
Out: Quote by ‹UserName+Link› [on ‹TopicSubject+Link› [in ‹ForumName+Link›]] (Goto post ‹LinkToPost›)

Set ReplyTo field to 0 when replying to more than one post
(Is ReplyTo=0 allowed by DB consistency checks?)
-> Is there a better solution, maybe set ReplyTo to that post's ID where the reply button was pressed?

Combine MultiQuote and ThreadedView as one task

Update: Call this "Quote all" (Alle zitieren) in the UI
Use AJAX rather than Cookies...
Reported versionDue version1.8
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