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General: Send mails to multiple recipients

AuthoryvesDate31 Jul 2004 23:42
Based on the current "send e-mail to user" function:

Allow multiple recipients, selected from users and user groups
Allow mass-mailing to all users
Special filter to reach all inactive users
better solution: Generate users list from ACP/inactive users search in a format that
allows usage as rcpt list in the mass-mailer (comma separated user ID list)
Regulate access to mass-mailing via ACL (number of maximum rcpts)
Users: max. 5 rcpts
Mods: max. ?
Admin: no limit (-1)
Reported versionDue version1.8
  0 %
Estimated costUnknown
Changes history:
31 Jul 2004 23:42yvesOpened task
06 Aug 2004 08:54yvesChanged status (New → Acknowledged)
  Changed description
17 Oct 2004 13:36yvesChanged description
27 Nov 2004 15:30yvesChanged summary (Send mails to all users → Send mails to multiple recipients)
  Changed description
  Changed due version ( → 1.7)
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