Unclassified NewsBoard Code Reference

unb_lib/abbc.lib.php contents

Main Parser Module
You should not need to change anything in here,
use abbc.conf.php for configuration


AbbcCheck Check whether the given ABBC code is syntactically correct.
AbbcCss Return ABBC's CSS definition code
AbbcExpandSelection Looks around a 'selected' [tag](...[/tag]) for (spaces and) NEW-LINES and
expands the selection to include them.
AbbcExpandSelectionSmilie Almost the same as AbbcExpandSelection(), but used for smilies that may have
some other characters around them...
AbbcH2T Inversion of t2h() function. Convert HTML entities back to plaintext.
AbbcInit Initialize some variables for a faster processing at a later time
AbbcOnTagstack Check if given tagname exists on the tagstack
AbbcProc Parse and convert ABBC meta-text to HTML
AbbcRegReplaceSmilie Actual reg-exp replacement of an area containing a smilie
AbbcRegReplaceTag Actual reg-exp replacement of an area containing only a single level of a
BBCode tag
AbbcSyntaxHighlight Add syntax highlighting to a string
AbbcValidTagname Check if given tagname exists in the tags array
abbcq Quote things for HTML attributes
abbcs stripslashes() replacement


No classes in this file.


ABBC_ALL -1 All tag groups Line 13
ABBC_CODE 4 [code] block Line 17
ABBC_CUSTOM 2048 Custom extensions Line 26
ABBC_DONTINT 512 "Don't interpret" tags Line 24
ABBC_FONT 16 Font style tags, font family, size etc. Line 19
ABBC_HTML 8192 [html] tag Line 28
ABBC_IMG 64 Image tags Line 21
ABBC_LIST 128 Lists Line 22
ABBC_MINIMUM 1 Minimal transformation of line-breaks and HTML control characters Line 15
ABBC_NONE 0 No tag groups Line 14
ABBC_PARAGRAPH 1024 Paragraph transformation (don't use this) Line 25
ABBC_QUOTE 8 [quote] block Line 18
ABBC_SIMPLE 2 Simple text formatting like bold, italic etc. Line 16
ABBC_SMILIES 4096 Convert smilies to graphics Line 27
ABBC_SPECIAL 256 Special syntax like *bold* etc. Line 23
ABBC_TABLE 16384 Table tags Line 29
ABBC_URL 32 Link tags Line 20

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