Unclassified NewsBoard Code Reference

unb_lib/announce.lib.php contents

Announcement Library, provides the IAnnounce interface


No functions in this file.




UNB_ANN_FOR_ALL 0 Display for all users Line 16
UNB_ANN_FOR_GUESTS 8 Display for guests only Line 17
UNB_ANN_FOR_MASK 24 The access mask is set by two bits (8|16) Line 15
UNB_ANN_FOR_MODS 24 Display for moderators only Line 19
UNB_ANN_FOR_USERS 16 Display for logged in users only Line 18
UNB_ANN_IMPORTANT 1 Important announcement Line 11
UNB_ANN_INTHREADS 4 Also show announcement in threads Line 13
UNB_ANN_RECURSIVE 2 Recursive announcement (also display in sub-forums) Line 12

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