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Registration and login

Why should I register?


Forgot your login password?

If you forgot your password and thus cannot log in to the board anymore, you can use the password recovery function. There is no obvious link to retrieve your password so you need to just try to login as you would with the correct password, only you don’t need to enter the actual password. The board will then show you an error message and offer you a link to recover your password. When you click on it, an e-mail will be sent to the current e-mail address of the user whose name you entered. At this time, nothing is changed yet. If you received such an e-mail that you did not request, you can safely ignore it. Only when you follow the link that is provided in this e-mail, a new password will be generated and again sent to this address. The newly generated password is in effect immediately. You can use it to login and change your password back to something you can actually remember.
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