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Text formatting

Advanced BBCode is a markup language you can easily format postings with. There are the following tags, among others:

Basic formatting

[b]...[/b]   Bold, or:   *Bold*
[i]...[/i]   Italic, or:   /Italic/
[u]...[/u]   Underline, or:   _Under_
[s]...[/s]   Strike out
[o]...[/o]   Overline
[m]...[/m]   Fixed width

The alternative special codes may cause display problems. In this case you can select the “Disable simple formatting syntax” post option to not recognise these codes in the text.

Font appearance

[font=xxx]...[/font]   Font family xxx
[font=xxx:n]...[/font]   Font family xxx, size n
[size=n]...[/size]   Size n
[color=xxx]...[/color]   Text colour xxx (#RRGGBB)
[mark=xxx]...[/mark]   Background colour xxx
[sup]...[/sup]   Superscript text
[sub]...[/sub]   Subscript text
[align=xxx]...[/align]   Text alignment: left/center/right/justify

All text sizes are given relative to the default size. 10 is 100%. A difference of 1 is a difference of 10% in size. E.g. 14 is 140% of the default size.


The conventional [list] tag is not supported in this board because it made a lot of trouble regarding to XHTML compliance. Instead you can use these simple lists: Put a * at the beginning of a line to begin a new list item. Two stars make a second-level list item. This works for up to three levels.


[img]...[/img]   Display image ...
[img=align]...[/img]   Image with alignment: left/right/middle...


[url]...[/url]   Link to ...
[mail]...[/mail]   E-Mail to ...

URLs are automatically detected when they occur in the post text. However, these URLs may be recognised incorrectly. In case of such problems, use the [url] tag or add a space or line break around the URL.

Source code

[code]...[/code]   Source code
[code=php]...[/code]   Source code with PHP syntax

You can enable syntax highlighting with [code] tags by specifying a language name as parameter. Currently the following languages are supported:
C, CPP (C++), CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, SQL and XML.


[quote]...[/quote]   Quotation
[quote=xxx]...[/quote]   Quotation by xxx (author name)
[indent]...[/indent]   Indent text block
[indent=n]...[/indent]   Indent text block by n pixels


[line]   Horizontal line, or:   ---- (at least 4 dashes)
[line=colour]   Line with colour colour
[line=colour:size]   Line with colour colour and width size
Anything in between [#] and [/#] will not be evaluated or changed in any way. This can be used to prevent smileys or special codes to be recognised in parts of the port text. Single tags can be masked by writing \[ for a [. [rem]...[/rem] are comments that will not be displayed at all.
Line breaks surrounding tags that make a paragraph of their own (i.e. [code], [quote], [align], [line]) will be removed, much the same as in HTML. Also if the [code] tag stands in a line of its own, no new lines will be displayed around it.
To familiarise yourself with these conventions, you should use the Preview at first, to check your submission.
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