Unclassified NewsBoard Code Reference

unb_lib/common.lib.php contents

Public UNB library file


TrailingSlash Add or remove a trailing slash to pathnames
UnbAddLog Write a user's action to the board log
UnbBuildEntireForumCache Read ALL forums into the global array (saves many DB queries at large amount of data in the board)
UnbBuildEntireUserCache Read ALL users into the global array (saves many DB queries at large amount of data in the board)
UnbCheckRights Check if current user has the right to perform a particular action
UnbCompareVersions Compare two version identifiers
UnbConvertTimezone Convert a timestamp from local time to user's timezone
UnbCountReplyUsers Count distinct users who have posted in a thread for a set of threads in one step
UnbCountThreadPosts Count posts per thread for ALL threads
UnbCountUserPosts Count posts per user for ALL users
UnbCountUserViews Count users who have read in threads for a set of threads in one step
UnbDate Specialised date() function
UnbErrorLog Append an error message to the error logfile
UnbFindUsersPosts Find all threads that contain any posts of the current user
UnbFormSessionId Build session ID for GET <form>s
UnbFormatTime Format a date/timestamp
UnbFriendlyDate Format a date/time more user-friendly using fuzzy words and such
UnbGetAllForumLevels Calculate the nesting level of each forum
UnbGetGroupMembers Get all user IDs of a group
UnbGetGroupNames Get the names of all known groups, as array(ID => Name)
UnbGetLastPost Get one or more last posts depending on given parameter
UnbGetMimetype Get the MIME content-type of a filename
UnbGetPostsByThread Return number of posts in a thread
UnbGetPostsByUser Get number of posts for a user
UnbGetUserGroupNames Get the names of all groups the current user is a member of
UnbGetUserGroups Get all group IDs the current user is a member of
UnbGetUserNames Get the names of all users, as array(ID => Name)
UnbIsFlooded IP flood protection
UnbIsSecurePassword Is the given password considered to be secure?
UnbLimitUrl Limit a URL to a given length
UnbLink Builds links to other forum and web pages in a unified way
UnbMaskMail Mask mail addresses so that spam harvesters won't find it (so easily)
UnbReadACL Read all ACL rules from the database and bring them in the correct order
UnbReadUserReads Read all User's LastRead values for a set of threads in one step
UnbRebuildConffile Write back configuration file from modified $UNB['ConfigFile'] array
UnbRequireTxt Include a translation part file.
UnbSetGroupMembers Set all members of a group
UnbSetGuestLastForum Change current forum/activity ID for this guest at later time
UnbSetUserGroups Set all groups the current user should be a member of
UnbTextToURL Convert a given string to make it URL-safe (SEO-like)
UnbToANSI Convert a given string with national special characters to its ANSI representation
UnbUnverbSize Convert "10M" in 10.485.760 (10 MB)...
UnbUrlCheckKey Checks the provided URL GET key parameter.
UnbUrlGetKey Generate a 'unique' URL parameter key to secure most GET-requested operations
from anonymous calls like [img]s in posts.
UnbVersionGetBranch Find the branch name of the version identifier
UnbVersionGetName Find the product name of the version identifier
UnbVersionGetRelease Find the version number of the version identifier
UnbVersionTitle Convert a version identifier into a readable name
array_fill Implementation of array_fill function if PHP doesn't provide it
code2utf Convert a Unicode character index to UTF-8 multi-byte encoding
debugGetMicrotime Time measuring functions
debugMeasureTime debug performance measuring and output
debugPerformCputime No description available.
debugPerformMsec No description available.
explode_quoted Same as PHP function explode(), but also groups by quotes
format_number Format a number
h2t Reverse function of t2h, convert HTML code to plaintext
html_entity_decode Implementation of html_entity_decode function if PHP doesn't provide it
isUtf8 Scan a line for the UTF-8 marker and remove it
is_mailaddr Is it a valid e-mail address?
ltrimln Remove empty lines from beginning of string
rc Read a value from the configuration file
regsafe make a string safe for using it in regular expressions
str_limit Limit a string to a given length and add '...' if it was truncated
str_limit_utf8 UTF-8-aware version of str_limit
stripos Implementation of stripos function if PHP doesn't provide it
t2h Text-to-HTML conversion
t2i Text to HTML-Input-value conversion
utf8_strlen UTF-8-aware string length counting
utf8_substr UTF-8-aware string extraction method


No classes in this file.


PHP5 1 The constant PHP5 is true if we're running in a PHP 5 environment. Line 62
UNB_GROUP_ADMINS 4 Administrators user group Line 317
UNB_GROUP_GUESTS 1 Guests user group
UserGroup IDs
Line 314
UNB_GROUP_MAX 4 Highest value of system user groups Line 318
UNB_GROUP_MEMBERS 2 Validated members user group Line 315
UNB_GROUP_MODS 3 Moderators user group Line 316
UNB_NOTIFY_BOOKMARK 128 Bookmark the thread (stored with the notification flags) Line 167
UNB_NOTIFY_EMAIL 1 Notification via e-mail Line 162
UNB_NOTIFY_JABBER 4 Notification via Jabber IM Line 164
UNB_NOTIFY_MASK 127 Bitmask of notification all methods Line 165
UNB_UFF_COLLAPSE 1 Collapse a category (don't show their subforums in the second level or deeper)
User forum/thread flags
Line 309
UNB_UFF_HIDE 4 Hide a forum from the forums list Line 311
UNB_UFF_IGNORE 2 Ignore new topics in a forum Line 310
UNB_ULF_CONFIG -2 Last seen in board configuration Line 302
UNB_ULF_PROFILE -3 Last seen in user profile Line 303
UNB_ULF_SEARCH -4 Last seen in search Line 304
UNB_ULF_STAT -5 Last seen in statistics page Line 305
UNB_ULF_USERS -6 Last seen in users list Line 306
endl "\n" New-line character, inspired by C++ STL Line 16

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