Unclassified NewsBoard Code Reference

Constants overview

ABBC_ALL -1 All tag groups File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 13
ABBC_CODE 4 [code] block File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 17
ABBC_CUSTOM 2048 Custom extensions File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 26
ABBC_DONTINT 512 "Don't interpret" tags File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 24
ABBC_FONT 16 Font style tags, font family, size etc. File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 19
ABBC_HTML 8192 [html] tag File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 28
ABBC_IMG 64 Image tags File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 21
ABBC_LIST 128 Lists File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 22
ABBC_MINIMUM 1 Minimal transformation of line-breaks and HTML control characters File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 15
ABBC_NONE 0 No tag groups File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 14
ABBC_PARAGRAPH 1024 Paragraph transformation (don't use this) File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 25
ABBC_QUOTE 8 [quote] block File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 18
ABBC_SIMPLE 2 Simple text formatting like bold, italic etc. File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 16
ABBC_SMILIES 4096 Convert smilies to graphics File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 27
ABBC_SPECIAL 256 Special syntax like *bold* etc. File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 23
ABBC_TABLE 16384 Table tags File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 29
ABBC_URL 32 Link tags File: unb_lib/abbc.lib.php, line 20
DISPLAY_ERR_SET 1 Remember we have configured the error display File: forum.php, line 40
ERR_REPORT_SET 1 Remember we have configured the error reporting File: forum.php, line 39
PHP5 1 The constant PHP5 is true if we're running in a PHP 5 environment. File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 62
TIME_ZONE date('O') FeedCreator: your local timezone, set to '' to disable or for GMT File: unb_lib/rss.inc.php, line 61
UNB_ANN_FOR_ALL 0 Display for all users File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 16
UNB_ANN_FOR_GUESTS 8 Display for guests only File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 17
UNB_ANN_FOR_MASK 24 The access mask is set by two bits (8|16) File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 15
UNB_ANN_FOR_MODS 24 Display for moderators only File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 19
UNB_ANN_FOR_USERS 16 Display for logged in users only File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 18
UNB_ANN_IMPORTANT 1 Important announcement File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 11
UNB_ANN_INTHREADS 4 Also show announcement in threads File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 13
UNB_ANN_RECURSIVE 2 Recursive announcement (also display in sub-forums) File: unb_lib/announce.lib.php, line 12
UNB_FORUM_CATEGORY 1 Forum is a category File: unb_lib/forum.lib.php, line 13
UNB_GROUP_ADMINS 4 Administrators user group File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 317
UNB_GROUP_GUESTS 1 Guests user group
UserGroup IDs
File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 314
UNB_GROUP_MAX 4 Highest value of system user groups File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 318
UNB_GROUP_MEMBERS 2 Validated members user group File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 315
UNB_GROUP_MODS 3 Moderators user group File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 316
UNB_NOTIFY_BOOKMARK 128 Bookmark the thread (stored with the notification flags) File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 167
UNB_NOTIFY_EMAIL 1 Notification via e-mail File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 162
UNB_NOTIFY_JABBER 4 Notification via Jabber IM File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 164
UNB_NOTIFY_MASK 127 Bitmask of notification all methods File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 165
UNB_POST_NOSMILIES 1 Disable conversion of smilies to graphics File: unb_lib/post.lib.php, line 13
UNB_POST_NOSPECIALABBC 2 Disable special ABBC syntax like *bold* (see ABBC_SPECIAL) File: unb_lib/post.lib.php, line 14
UNB_RUNNING 1 This define is necessary so that the included files and libraries know they're
running in a safe environment and cannot be called directly. If you require some
of UNB's libraries in your own pages, you must also include this line.
File: forum.php, line 57
UNB_THREAD_ATTACHMENT 16 At least one of the thread's posts has an attachment File: unb_lib/thread.lib.php, line 15
UNB_THREAD_CLOSED 1 This thread is closed for further replies File: unb_lib/thread.lib.php, line 11
UNB_THREAD_IMPORTANT 2 This thread is marked "important" File: unb_lib/thread.lib.php, line 12
UNB_THREAD_MOVED 8 This thread is a "moved" pointer to the actual thread File: unb_lib/thread.lib.php, line 14
UNB_THREAD_POLL 4 This thread contains a poll File: unb_lib/thread.lib.php, line 13
UNB_UFF_COLLAPSE 1 Collapse a category (don't show their subforums in the second level or deeper)
User forum/thread flags
File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 309
UNB_UFF_HIDE 4 Hide a forum from the forums list File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 311
UNB_UFF_IGNORE 2 Ignore new topics in a forum File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 310
UNB_ULF_CONFIG -2 Last seen in board configuration File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 302
UNB_ULF_PROFILE -3 Last seen in user profile File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 303
UNB_ULF_STAT -5 Last seen in statistics page File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 305
UNB_ULF_USERS -6 Last seen in users list File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 306
UNB_USER_AUTOIGNORE 128 Automatically ignore any unread new topics File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 15
UNB_USER_AUTOLOGIN 32 Auto re-login (with Cookies) File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 13
UNB_USER_FASTREPLY 16 Enable FastReply File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 12
UNB_USER_HALFSIZEAVATARS 512 Half size avatars if they’re more than 50% of globally allowed maximum height File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 17
UNB_USER_HIDEAVATARS 1024 Hide users’ avatars in posts File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 18
UNB_USER_HIDEINLINEIMGS 4096 Hide inline post attachments (images) File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 20
UNB_USER_HIDESIGS 2048 Hide users’ signatures in posts File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 19
UNB_USER_USERREADPOST 8 (Admin only) Display all notifications and UserRead data File: unb_lib/user.lib.php, line 11
endl "\n" New-line character, inspired by C++ STL File: unb_lib/common.lib.php, line 16

© 2006 Yves Goergen. Unclassified NewsBoard Homepage. Reference based on UNB unb.devel.20060128, dated 2006-01-28.