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Stay up-to-date!

There are many ways to stay informed about news related to the Unclassified NewsBoard project.
Check out this website every now and then. You can read the latest news and most current forum topics on the homepage as well as the current Unclassified NewsBoard version numbers. The change log shows all changes between two development versions.
RSS feed
Be informed faster by subscribing to the site RSS feed. It includes all news and changelog items so that you can track new issues and know when they’re fixed. The newsfeed is fairly low-volume with its average maximum one post per day. Watch out for the RSS 2.0 feed or the RSS 2.0 feed icon.
Forum notification
If you’re registered to the forums, you can set notifications on new posts to present topics or even on new topics in a forum. A notification in the “News & Announcements” forum will bring you information about new releases or critical issues. You can even get a real-time notification by using a Jabber account. Otherwise an e-mail will be sent out.
Board version check
Current Unclassified NewsBoard versions have the version check enabled by default. This will display a warning about new releases or patches to admins visiting their board within 24 hours after a release.
Text files
You can also directly access the relevant data via plaintext files on this webserver and monitor them for changes with suitable software. The file news.txt contains all news about new releases and the website, changelog.txt shows you all change log items and version.txt stores all current version numbers that you can also see on the homepage.
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