Warning: This software is outdated. Further information on the home page.

Current UNB version

Latest code package (ZIP, 910 kB)
Version 2015-07-13
Please refer to the change log for all changes since the last version. There may be incompatible changes you need to pay attention to.

Caution! Please read the information about the status of this software on the home page.

See the News and Announcements forum for release notes.
Read how to stay up-to-date with the latest UNB release.
You can find previous versions for download in the museum further down.

A note about version branches:

The previously published “stable” branch no longer exists and was entirely replaced by the “current” branch, previously called “development snapshots”. There is only a single line of development and all new features and fixes are included here. The old versioning scheme (up until 1.6.4) has been dropped. This makes it a lot easier for me to maintain the code and for you to stay current.

For your information, the last version number of 1.6.4 corresponds to the release date number 20070909.

If you want to see the changes in detail and update your present UNB installation by only merging the actual differences, you may find interesting tools on the Useful applications page.


Translation packages are provided without any warranty of functionality or a correct translation! I obviously cannot check every of these files for correct content. If you find an error or have an improvement suggestion, please head over to the forum and tell us.
Český (cs), by Stanley Aubrecht, for version 1.5.3, 1.6.2 and 1.6.4.
Deutsch (de), by Yves Goergen [included in UNB], for version 1.5.2, 1.5.3 and 1.6.
Dansk (dk), by Thomas Husted, for version 1.5.3.
English (en), by Yves Goergen [included in UNB], for version 1.5.2, 1.5.3 and 1.6.
Español (es), by Jorge Andres Brugger and Rafael Davila, for version 1.5.3.
Français (fr), by David Mollière, Christophe Blondel and Arnaud Ligny, for version 1.6.1 and 20120620.
Magyar (hu), by Dániel Tar, for version 1.6.3.
Italiano (it), by Mauro Dalu, for version 1.5.2 and 1.5.3.
Nederlands (nl), by Lode Claassen and Ben Branders, for version 1.5.3 and 1.6.
Norsk (no), by Øyvind Olsholt, for version 1.5.3, 1.6, 1.6.4 and dev-20081122.
Polski (pl), by JabberPL Team, for version 1.6.4.
Português (pt), by Pedro Fardilha and Horácio Tomé Marques, testing for version 1.5.3. In work for 1.6.
Português (Brasil) (pt_BR), by Frederico Gonçalves Guimarães, for version 1.6.1.
Romana (ro), by Ciprian Ghenciu, for version 1.6.3.
Русский (ru), by evadim and Night Nord, for version 1.6.4 / 20080203+ and 20081122+.
Srpski (sr), by Dušan Panić, for version 1.5.3.
Svenska (sv), by Tobias Söderberg, for version 1.5.3.
ไทย (th), by iMenn, in work for version 1.6.4.
Türkçe (tr), by Fethi Köse, for version 1.6.4.
简体中文 (zh_CN), by ZDYX, for version 1.6.4, 20080203+.

Unpack all files in the archive into the unb_lib/lang/ directory to add the new language to the board. Each language will have its own subdirectory there. See the FAQ for details about working on translation files.

Import scripts

Invision Board 1.1.2 (testing), by Yves Goergen, for version 1.5.2 and 1.5.3.
phpBB 2.0.x, by Yves Goergen, for version 1.5.2 and 1.5.3.
Woltlab Burning Board 1.x, by Yves Goergen, for version 1.5.2 and 1.5.3.

I have planned to make import scripts for Invision Board 2.0 and YaBB Gold, but I haven’t started yet.

If you need a converter from another board and want to contribute your work, you can take a look at the available scripts. Adapting them for new database layouts or data storage formats should not be too hard to manage. Again, you’re invited to send me a copy or publish your work in the forum.

Graphics and buttons

If you want to put a link on this website, you can use one of these graphics.

Logo 80x15
Logo 80x15
Logo 88x31 – without transparency: Logo 88x31
Logo 88x31


These downloads should not be used in a productive environment. Some of them do not contain the updates and patches that were published for them and may thus be considered insecure or unstable.
Version 1.6.4, released on 2007-09-09 (780 kB).
Version 1.6.1, released on 2006-01-28 (810 kB).
Version 1.6, released on 2005-12-04 (807 kB).
Version 1.5.3 Patch 4, released on 2005-11-15 (693 kB).
Version 1.5.3, released on 2004-12-23 (693 kB).
Version 1.5.2, released on 2004-11-02 (622 kB).
Version 1.5.1, released on 2004-09-11 (564 kB).
Version 1.5, released on 2004-08-15 (557 kB).
Version 1.5 RC 2, released on 2004-07-24 (572 kB).
Version 1.4.2 (pre-public), released on 2004-01-24 (669 kB).
Version 1.3a (pre-public), released on 2003-10-25 (308 kB).
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