Warning: This software is outdated. Further information on the home page.

Change Log

  • Fixed CAPTCHA image generation and checking (see this and this)

  • Fixed register template to allow longer CAPTCHA words to be entered. Warning: Template file “register” has been updated. (See forum thread)
  • Updated CAPTCHA word lists, the English version now contains a lot more words for added security.

  • Added plugin hook “user.verifyregister” to allow spam control at registration time.
  • Replaced CAPTCHA image library with a newer one backported from UNB2. It is configured to use language-specific dictionary files. Edit unb_lib/captcha_words_*.txt where * is the language code. If you want to add more languages, you need to update the code in forum.php (watch for those file names). Currently, de and en are available. If you create a long enough file for another language, please let me know. Warning: Translation file “common”, string “vericode~” has been updated in de and en (may lead to misunderstanding if not updated). Template file “register” has been updated (only cosmetic layout change).

  • Fix in session/cookie handling for php.ini "request_order=GP"
  • Forum notifications are forum-recursive
  • Increased size of background images to improve IE7/8 performance a bit.

  • PHP 5.3 compatibility

  • Log Viewer: Line break between filter check boxes and their label text prohibited

  • Updated clientinfo.lib.php with more current browsers and operating systems

  • This update features a few security fixes that have recently been published on the web. It is highly recommended to upgrade to this version as soon as possible. You may however not be affected by some of the bugs depending on your server configuration.
  • Improved protection against register_globals hacks in common.lib.php
  • Fixed a file disclosure bug in rss.inc.php
  • Fixed a local file inclusion bug in the template runtime library
  • Fixed an SQL injection bug in the database library
  • Many thanks to the nice person who pointed me to the report. Not so many thanks to the person who published those findings without notifying me first. (At least his description was very helpful.)

  • Fixed a bug in register.inc.php with immediate validation.

  • Fixed PHP-generated JavaScript files in the design directory (specified correct content type and allowed expiration and transfer compression)
  • Removed .php extension from design JavaScript files so that they’re no longer processed through PHP, which wasn’t really necessary anyway. (See forum thread) Warning: This may have impact on custom designs which should be updated accordingly. Often renaming the files in the js/ subdirectory from *.js.php to *.js is sufficient.
  • Fixed a bug in Apache rewrite rules (See forum thread)
  • Fixed e-mail address validation (See forum thread)
  • Using board’s timezone configuration for log entries (See forum thread)

  • Unrecognised dependency of the PHP calendar extension removed. (See forum thread)

  • A warning message is displayed when you’re editing another user’s post. Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated. Template file “posteditor” has been updated. (See forum thread)
  • The board-wide message informing about an active board lock that is always displayed after a clean installation of the system, now points directly down to the relevant option in its link. Warning: Template file “controlpanel_security” has been updated. If you won’t update this, the link only points to the page and not to the option, so nothing will change. Anyway, if you’ve already installed the board, you’re likely to know where that option is so this may not be too interesting for you.
  • Changed link icon tooltip in the forums list from “Add new forum” to “Add new subforum” in de and en translations. Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated. Minor change though, small usability issue.
  • Added a note in the text of a registration confirmation e-mail to make clearer that the link should only be clicked if the recipient has registered on this forum, to avoid misuse. Warning: Translation file “mail” has been updated. Minor change though, irrelevant for normal operation.

  • When a user changes his e-mail address, it is required to be validated before it can be used to send messages to. Until then, the last validated address is used. (It currently brings one issue though: A user is normally banned by revoking the “Members” group membership. By changing the e-mail address and following the validation, this group is automatically added again. Banning users is thus less effective...) Warning: Translation file “controlpanel” has been updated. Template file “controlpanel_account” has been updated. The database schema will be upgraded by the install script.

  • Fixed a PHP warning in clientinfo.lib.php line 123

  • Fix: Users could not be renamed by only changing the character casing in their name, this would trigger the “name is already used” error message.

  • Added configuration option “url_overview” which can be set to be used for the short URL link to the overview page (default is “forum”). See the UnbLink function for details. You need to alter the .htaccess file to use another short URL for that page!

  • Fix: When following a link from Google with a search query with multiple subsequent space characters, the search term highlighting in ABBC had locked up the process. In that case, the web server was busy for PHP’s maximum execution time and the client didn’t get to see the forum page. The fix was only a single line in abbc.lib.php.

  • Jabber plain authentication doesn’t require SSL anymore. (See forum thread)

  • Added option “default_users_sort” to select a default user list sorting. Possible values are currently: id, name, regdate, location, posts (See forum posting)

  • Titied up a bit the forumlist.html template. Warning: Template file “forumlist.html” has been updated. Without these changes, the forum advanced options may be missing.
  • Added template parameters: isOwn and isHot (See forum thread)
  • Fixed incorrect icon title naming (See forum thread)

  • Fixed double urlencode() for users’ location link (See forum thread)
  • Changed default user location lookup link from Map24 to Google Maps. This doesn’t affect update installations. The new link is “http://maps.google.com/maps?q=%s”.

  • Added the session URL key as a requirement to add or edit postings or announcements. This is the first of a series of Cross-Site Request Forgery countermeasures that were bugging me on one of my forums. Warning: Template files “posteditor.html” and “postlist.html” have been updated. Without these changes, nobody can submit postings or announcements anymore! Watch out for the added <input type="hidden" name="key" ...> in the forms.
  • Added a HTTP Referer header check for each form handler that requires a URL key to be present. This is also a CSRF countermeasure and about any security you can get about it. The referer is only compared against the domain and only if it is present at all. (Some network or privacy filters may remove that header from HTTP requests so that this kind of attack cannot be detected.)

  • Fixed a minor bug with cookie paths that was introduced in 2008-02-03’s new cookie path code. Only relevant if your board is running on the domain’s root directory, not in a subdirectory, and you haven’t set a cookie path in your board configuration. (See forum thread) – Only session.lib.php file changed.

  • Added configuration option ‘cookie_path’ to specify the path to be used for session and auto-login cookies set through UNB. This now defaults to the URL path of the UNB installation. (See forum thread)
  • Added special search link “open topics” that finds all topics that are not closed. (See forum thread) Warning: Translation file “search” has been updated. (Older translations won’t show the new link, but it still works e.g. for bookmarks.)
  • Cleaned up some markup. (See forum thread) Warning: Template file “announcelist.html” has been updated.
  • Fixed typo in “main.html” template file. (See forum thread)
  • Fixed bug in forum editing template part. Now a forum can only be made a category or web link, if there are no threads in it because they would get lost. (Not really lost, but hidden.) See forum thread from previous item.
  • Fixed a typo in “forumlist_edit.html” template file. Again, see above thread.
  • Fixed thread view counter: Now also counts guest hits again. (See forum thread)

  • Fixed an ABBC parser bug with URLs at the end of *-started list items.

  • Fixed an input validation bug in the RSS module.
  • Fix: Thread remains important even if unchecked, when attaching a file on a reply (See forum thread)
  • Updated current year in the copyright line. This has been changed in the template file _foot.html.

  • In a clean UNB installation, the “Add forum” link was missing. Warning: Template file “forumlist.html” has been updated.
  • IP flooding processing has been made more robust to missing files (which can happen especially at the very first application startup).
  • Quite a few error log entries have are now avoided by the install script that would confuse new users. (Like trying to update statictical data before the tables have been created... Nothing serious though.)
  • UNB uninstallation also lists the current database name for the sake of completeness

  • Registration page now contains the “noindex” flag for search engines.
  • Minor MySQL incompatibility fix (affects MySQL versions before 4.1)

  • When new registrations are disabled by the administrator, the “Register” link nearby the login control is replaced with a static text “Registration disabled”. Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.
  • Added new plugin hooks “cf.rebuild”, “page.logincontrol” and “page.showpath” (see forum thread, but slightly altered)
  • Changed postlist template and design configuration a bit. More in the forum thread. Warning: Template file “postlist.html” has been updated.

  • Updated template file controlpanel_generic.html to support new massmove plugin.
  • Added new massmove plugin to mass-move threads from one forum to another, until a given date.

  • Fixed forum list: If no forum was displayed, the additional options for the current forum/category were not display. Thus, the current forum/category could not be marked visible/hidden and hidden subforums could not be displayed. Warning: Template file “forumlist.html” has been updated.

  • Small template change. See forum thread. Warning: Template file “post.html” has been updated.

  • SSL usage detection fixed to work with IIS and other web servers. (See forum thread)

  • Fix: Installer’s upgrade function would add a second “Guests” group and consequently lock out all users and admins. (See forum thread with a description of the conditions and a fix for how to correct things when they’re broken)

  • Fix: When logging out while editing a post, the user was taken to an empty page saying only “Invalid parameters”. Now this leads to the board’s overview page instead.
  • Fix: The Database Check plugin would not repair threads’ LastPostDate values.

2007-09-09 (Version 1.6.4)
  • Upgraded FeedCreator class to latest SVN version. To change the feed format from RSS 2.0 to ATOM 1.0, edit the file unb_lib/feedcreator.lib.php and uncomment the line that’s documented near the top of the file.
  • Changed a wording in an e-mail sent to the user in English (not relevant for translation updates)

  • Upgraded FeedCreator class to support ATOM 1.0 (requires code modification though)
  • Fix: Single sent Jabber messages could be empty
  • Fix: Database server is told to behave like MySQL 4.0 (if that helps)

  • Fix: When a user is renamed, the new name is tested for uniqueness like when registering a new user. See forum thread.

  • Fix: The “thread moved” note wasn’t kept as long as it should be.
  • Fix: Deleting a forum is not allowed when it contains posts that must not be deleted, too. See forum thread.
  • Replaced the Jabber library with class.jabber2.php from the Flyspray project. This should be more reliable, according to the authors. I don’t have any experience with it yet, so let’s see whether it works better. See forum thread.

  • Added browser detection (for the board log file) for Windows Vista and fixed Windows 98 detection.

  • Fixed a typo in cleaning up incoming variables which caused those backslashes not to be removed in posts and other user input if the PHP option magic_quotes_gpc was set. This change has no effect on systems where this option is unset (which is recommended anyway. By me, not by PHP.)

  • “Reply to #...” notices above a post now feature a link to that post


  • Search function now correctly searches for words with backslash characters in it. See forum thread.

  • Fixed an ABBC parser bug with automatic URL detection. See forum thread.
  • This also fixed bug #309: URLs are auto-linkified to "wwww"

  • Renamed “smilies” to “smileys” (Bug #307)
  • Fixed bug #288: Handle notification send-out errors
  • A warning will be displayed on the overview page if the user account is not fully validated yet, which can lead to some features (like posting) being disabled without any obvious explanation. See forum post. Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.
  • When a new user registers on the board and the configuration option “notify_admin_on_new_user” is set, all admins will be notified about the new user registration via e-mail. Warning: Translation file “mail” has been updated.
  • The maximum signature length is displayed in the user settings, post options, in the explanatory text. Warning: Translation file “controlpanel” and the template file “controlpanel_postoptions.html” have been updated.
  • Fixed a bug that the forum descriptions in the forums list disappeared when the board option “Count threads and posts for forums” option was deselected. See forum post. Warning: Template file “forumlist.html” has been updated.
  • Corrected some small typos in the English translation.

  • Fix: Some URLs weren’t made absolute (prepend “http:”)

  • Improved multi-platform line ending support. This should resolve the mail() header bug and make UNB’s log files look nicer on Unix-like systems. See also a related PHP bug report.
  • When visiting the board after a while and being loged in with the auto-login cookie, no session IDs will appear in links for the second request. Here’s an explanation.

  • Little correction of English language files
  • Small changes regarding strict (X)HTML compliance

  • Fix: “Create new thread” link from within a thread view didn’t work

  • Fix: disallowed e-mail addresses for registration and wildcards

  • Disabled the use of IE7’s new rendering capabilities by default. Even the simpler design is too heavy for IE7 which shows a considerably lower performance then IE6. Using IE7 with UNB is currently not recommended. (Using IE for anything is not recommended [by me at least] anyway, but this counts especially.) You can re-enable this in the standard design’s cssconfig.php file. See the comments there.

  • Altered page footer to make clearer that I am not the webmaster of all those boards out there. German police and other users from foreign countries keep phoning/e-mailing me about illegal content or membership issues in some board found on an arbitrary domain which is provably not under my authority. I encourage all board administratos to adapt the change in the template file “_foot.html” which now includes the common term “This board is powered by ...” instead of the software name alone which could confuse users if the board admin didn’t change the top logo.

  • Removed @ characters from function calls in veriword.lib.php to make GD errors visible
  • Fixed SQL query bug in UnbGetGroupNames function

  • Added plugin hook “session.prelogin”
  • Added configuration option “jabber_tls”. Set this to 1 if you want the integrated jabber client library to use TLS to connect to Jabber servers. This feature is now turned off by default as it seems to cause some compatibility problems.

  • Bug fix: Editing posts does regard the maximum allowed post length, too
  • Moving a post to another thread cannot move it to a thread that doesn’t exist

  • Added the plugin hook session.newuser that’s good to initially copy a user profile from another source when the UNB session has been externally authorised (like when integrated in another application, CMS, ...)
  • Corrected display of the user settings category “post options”, it remains hidden when no avatars or user photos are allowed.
  • Warning: Translation file “controlpanel_admin” has been updated. (Only a minor addition, no compatibility break. May still be interesting for translators though.)
  • Outgoing e-mail have now the “Precedence: bulk” header
  • Thread views of the thread starter himself are not counted towards the ‘thread views counter’
  • Added the configuration option “path_with_overview” that, set to 1, always shows the “Overview” item in the forum/thread path line, with a link on it.
  • Changed user option for the date format to a drop-down selection where they can choose from examples of common date formats, instead of reading the PHP date() documentation.

  • Some minor changes in the UI. See here and here.

  • Fixed wrong username checking for new registrations. Forum thread

  • Fixed a comment in common.css.php
  • Added config option “nouserdesign” to prevent non-admin users to select another board design. Forum thread

  • Show a parent forum’s name in front of the forum name of a thread on the search results page

  • Fixed Unicode characters display in the search results when no search terms were specified

  • Splitting threads no longer allows moving the newly created thread into the “Overview” (top-level) forum or directly into forum categories.
  • User group editor will not show a user list to add and remove users for the system groups. It didn’t apply changes anyway before, now you won’t see the list and the unapplied changes won’t look like a forgotten bug anymore.
  • Poll block is displayed on every page of a thread now.

  • Added new user group property: Public group. Normally a user cannot set his own group memberships, but now he can with the new public groups. To the user, the UI looks like to an administrator, only that the user can only set and unset membership of selected public groups, all others remain read-only. You should not assign any access rights with public user groups as they wouldn’t be too effective. This is primarily meant to logically group users and allow access to other features like bulk forum visibility. There is no ACL action for this task, every user can edit his own profile and set public group memberships with it. If you don’t like the idea, you shouldn’t create public groups for now. Making a group public or revert it can be done in the groups editor by an administrator.
    Warning: Database layout change! Added column ‘PublicGroup TINYINT(1)’ to table ‘GroupNames’. Use the install script to update your database.
    Warning: Translation files “groupseditor” and “common” have been updated. Template “controlpanel_groupseditor.html” has been updated. Stylesheet “groupseditor.css.php” has been updated.

  • home_url protocol ist matched to current SSL usage. The exact URL is used for notifications and e-mails, but for internal use, http: or https: is maintained from the current page request. So you can access the forum via SSL without being forced to non-SSL on the next page click anymore.
  • Changed the post.html template: the word “Member” from “Member since ...” has been moved from the code to the template and can thus be easily removed from the template, if required. You may need to update your own customised templates.
  • The file board.conf.php is written with file mode 0666, this means it’s readable and writable for everyone. This shouldn’t be a problem since access is restricted otherwise (per directory) in most cases, but it can be required on other systems to be able to edit the file. Unix file permissions are complicated and not suitable in many cases, just tell me if you find a problem with this change... This has no effect on Windows systems.
  • Additional user profile fields are now added at the end of the Users database table, no longer at the beginning. This was a type comparison bug in database.lib.php.

  • Added missing drop shadow to a thread’s advanced options box in the default Modern design

  • Fixed XML error in the log viewer

  • Fixed RSS feed link content type

  • Added missing RSS feed link to thread view pages

  • Finally added the check for already sent HTTP headers, a problem that was reported every once in a while. The new UnbCheckHeadersSent() function is called at several places in the UNB code after such problems can be caused or before they can make trouble. If you feel you don’t want the board to die in case of this error, set the configuration option “headers_sent_ok = 1”.

  • Added support for avatar/photo URLs relative to the current domain (they don’t include “http:” but begin with “/” instead)
  • Refined recent IE security problem patch
  • Added post.verifyaccept hook and provided a sample spam filter plug-in that primarily rejects guest postings with a too high ratio of HTML or BBCode tags or web links

2006-06-26 (Version 1.6.3)
  • Fixed security problem with image URLs. This problem was only exposed by Internet Explorer. Firefox users are not affected in anyway.

  • Small CSS updates to make IE7 see more of the nice transparent PNG images, now that it doesn’t entirely crash anymore.

  • Added threadattributes plug-in as part of the main distribution. This plug-in was a remittance work.
  • Updated Class.Jabber.PHP from JRU-PHP, with Google Talk compatibility (not so sure about Linux now... If in doubt, use Windows instead)
  • Announcements from the main forum are also displayed in the “new threads” and “unread threads” search results pages. (But with no edit controls like “mark read”, “show all” or “edit/add announcement”, you need to do that on the overview page as before.) So you almost cannot miss them anymore now.
  • Added new plug-in hooks: “forumlist.preforumlist”, “post.postthreadcreate”, “post.removedlastpost”, “post.postedit”, “posteditor.postoptions”

  • Fixed security issue of a remote code exploit. The attacker needs to have a board account though and register_globals must be on for the bug to be exploited. (Forum)

  • Checks if PHP’s MySQL extension is installed and shows an appropriate error message if not
  • Fix: If thread start dates are hidden (board config), the link to a thread’s last post (for threads with no replies) was unset
  • Added display of user’s registration e-mail address (which was lost in the 1.6 series by now)
    Warning: Translation file “controlpanel” has been updated. Template “controlpanel_account.html” has been updated.
  • Added an explicit background colour for some of the alpha-channel-transparent PNG images (for a slightly better display in IE 6 – upon user request)
  • Fixed a bug with re-opening the fast reply editor box
  • Added hook “threadview.postsubject”

2006-02-19 (Version 1.6.1 Patch 1)
  • Security-relevant fix in the plug-ins acleditor and groupseditor.

2006-01-28 (Version 1.6.1)
  • Small Opera CSS fix
  • Corrected user name output when removing inactive users
  • Fix: IPB import script: $upload_path is used but unset, update to UNB 1.6 variable

  • Fixed ellipsis character for guests listed in currently online users
  • Some minor tweaks of the example custom CSS files, also for a slightly better IE support

  • Added more input field options for Control Panel pages like Plug-In settings
  • Highlighted number of unread posts in threads list for better readability
  • Fixed old database column name for IPB and WBB import scripts
  • Upgraded GeSHi library to and added more SQL keywords
  • Post signature always starts below the avatar
  • Fixed: Stats page incomplete (Forum)

  • Fixed named_urls (Forum)
  • Changed page redirection method to be compatible with FastCGI (Forum)

  • Fixed HTML encoding problem with the forum title (Forum)

  • Doubled the inactivity timespans for finding inactive users

  • Fix: Import scripts aborted with a database error (Forum)
  • Fixed phpBB2 import script: There was an outdated column name used so the script aborted while importing
  • Changed appearance of post reply references, moved them into a separate line similar to post subjects.
    Warning: Translation file “post” has been updated.

  • Fixed ABBC bug: “----” after a smiley wasn’t recognised as a separator line
  • Fixed template: Subsequent important announcements had a separator line in the wrong style (colour)
  • Fixed ACL editor bug with MySQL 5: Couldn’t add new rules for no certain thread
  • Fixed ACL editor design bug: Some disabled rules ware not displayed grey and lined-through
  • Fixed post attachment size bug (Forum)
  • Fix: Using fast reply with preview, the closed and important thread attributes were reset
  • Fix: E-mail address could not be changed in the user account settings when “E-mail addresses must not be re-used” was active (Forum)
  • Changed all German preview button hotkeys to Alt+V instead of the English Alt+P (Forum)
  • Fixed ABBC parser: use of [rem] tags left a dollar sign ($) and eat up line breaks (Forum)
  • Added CssBaseURL, JsBaseURL and ImgBaseURL variables for use in the _head template
  • Added note for posts to which post they’re a reply of. This is the number besides the post count, e.g. “#4 < 2” says that this is post number 4 in this thread, replying to post number 2. The number is omitted if no data was recorded or if it’s a reply to the previous post (which is the default for using the page “Reply” link). Warning: This does not work very well with references to posts from other display pages of the thread. When a post number from a previous page should be referenced, its internal ID will be displayed instead of the count which is not known at that point because it isn’t actually displayed in an order. (Implementation: find “replyToNum” in the UnbListPosts function.)

2005-12-04 (Version 1.6)
  • no changes

  • Fixed tab order for guests in the post editor
  • Fix: Verification code wasn’t required for guest posts
  • Slightly renamed post editor submit buttons to make a clearer between the “Reply” link that leads to the post editor and the “Post reply” button that actually submits the reply.
    Warning: This is done in the translation file “posteditor” and may affect other translations.

  • Added Reply-to e-mail header for messages sent using PHP mail()

  • Fix: ACL editor: editing a rule, the currently set forum isn’t selected in the drop-down list

  • Fix: MySQL and Unicode (Forum)

  • Fix: Used translation “Poll” instead of fixed “Umfrage”
  • Added link to post text formatting documentation in the post editor. The content is widely taken from the help page shipped with UNB 1.5, updated where it changed.
    Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated.

  • Fix: Post subject display wasn’t HTML-encoded
  • Text "Quote by" for [quote] ABBC tags with an author name given is now a new separate key.
    Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.

  • Upgraded Class.Jabber.PHP from version 0.4 to 0.4.2
  • More fine-tuning for the version check, concerning devel/testing versions

  • Made JavaScript jump to post code work when short URLs are disabled

  • Added numerus modulo 100 to UteTranslateNum function
  • Fixed HTML highlighting bug in GeSHi library. HTML code now also has weblinks for the tags.

2005-11-18 (Version 1.6 RC 5)
  • Fixed version check: Now finds a suitable version more reliably; XML output error fixed
  • Fixed auto-lists in the ABBC parser
  • Disabled plug-in language meta-data check when including plug-in translation files. As the result, you can just copy the new files into the plugins/ directory and don’t need to edit the PHP code file.
  • Corrected some database NULL columns

  • Plug-ins will use the English language first, if available, before the first available if selected as last try
  • Some typos fixed in the English translation
  • Fix: “E-mail addresses must not be re-used” option could not be enabled
  • Forum web links cannot have an empty link URL anymore.
    Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.
  • The text key “n users ignoring topic” now uses UteTranslateNum() and so allows special numerus definitions
  • No more “=” character added at the end of incomplete parameters in web links (Forum)

  • Fix: Security-related bug in the search function (also backported to 1.5.3)
  • Changed the version check interval from 24 to 12 hours
  • Added the warning telling that you can only attach files when sending the post, not when previewing it, that has been lost since 1.5.3.
    Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated.
  • Fix: The colour buttons in the post editor lost their colour when hovering them

  • Fix: Installation on MySQL 3 showed some error messages (Forum)

  • Changed version check algorithm to better recognise newer versions
  • Added missing drop shadow and correctly coloured border to announcement previews in the post editor

  • Fix: Threads could not be edited from the threads list inside a forum
  • Removed the option to ignore categories as it had no effect anyway and confused the users. You need to ignore each subforum separately instead.

2005-11-11 (Version 1.6 RC 4)
  • Fix: [code] blocks with an unknown language name will be converted with alternating line background only and no line numbers.
  • Again some small template changes to make it look better with different appearance configurations. Disabled some appearance options by default for new installations that aren’t so useful. They can easily turned back on in the Admin Settings in the Board Appearance category.
  • AdSense plug-in: Single ad blocks can be hidden for logged in members
Next try for a last release candidate. If nothing important changes within one week, 1.6 final will be released.

  • The link for editing announcements now has a text next to it so that you can better find it. Also the thread icons legend in English is now “Thread” (capitalised) instead of “topic”.
    Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.
  • Added some display information to the vcard-style userlist
  • Last post in thread lists will be displayed if there are replies, and now also if the thread start date is not displayed (admin appearance setting). This way at least one date is visible in the thread list, if the last post is displayed.
  • Fix: Last post in a user’s profile doesn’t respect access rules
  • Added users list filter for usernames. You can enter a partial username directly into the textbox to filter the list. See translation files warning above.
  • No more ' in the page output. It’s only valid in XML (and thus XHTML) but not in HTML (which I found out using Internet Explorer).

  • Enabled every member to filter the members list by user groups. Forum poll
  • The Google bot has changed its User Agend ID today, updated it to match the new one.
  • Removed invalid link to forums editor
  • Now distinguishing between the old message “The following topics have not been updated since your last visit but still contain unread posts.” and the new additional “The following topics have not been updated since your last visit.” in case we’re not searching for unread threads only but the following search results are also older than your last visit.
    Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.
  • Database class will forget its login data when successfully connected

  • Fix: The template compiler could get confused and didn’t actually compile a template if it was included by another one. (Forum thread)
  • Changed the installer to make all columns NULLable. This doesn’t require a DEFAULT value and is now MySQL 5 compatible. Also, maybe the database tables will be a little smaller after this change (only applies to new installations unless you modify these columns yourself).

  • Control panel won’t add a trailing slash (/) to parent URL and toplogo URL anymore
  • Minor link generation tweaks for search engines (dynamic parameters like “nocount” are removed, direct post links are normalised to thread (with page no.) links)

  • Improved search engine detection, should result in more accurate online guests statictics
  • Added automatic search term highlighting if the referer is a search engine result page

  • Added the “inactive users” plug-in to remove unused user registrations like in UNB 1.5.3
  • Changed the stylesheet a little so that login controls at the top of the page will fit in for most designs (they’re in their own line now)

  • Tweaked threadlist template a little to look better with different display settings
  • Fixed rare XML output bug in GeSHi library
  • Login/logout will remember when you tried to access the Unread Topics search page (good for direct bookmark links without automatic login)
  • Fix: The “previous posts have been edited” warning didn’t show up in every case
  • Fix: Fast reply doesn’t set an invalid reply-to post ID reference anymore
  • Some changes to enhance overall code security against remote attacks (motivated by the recent 1.5.3 Patch 2)
  • Moved the database table size function from the stats page into the database class

2005-11-01 (Version 1.6 RC 3)
  • Added “log viewer” and “database check” plug-ins
  • Stabilised IPB import script a little
  • Login/logout will better remember on what page you were before (especially in the post editor where you can now easily login before replying to a thread)
  • Previously entered username will be preset to login field on invalid login

  • Made main .htaccess file compatible with Apache 1. Also made another change to that file making it easier to set the base filename (forum.php by default) to something else. Please check if that configuration works for you with short URLs.
  • Added error messages in case the template cache files could not be written as expected
  • Moved alternative CSS font styles to cssconfig.user.php.example
  • Will jump to page anchor before the page has finished loading. Avatars that cannot be loaded would delay scrolling to the page anchor very long otherwise.
  • Warning: Translation file “install” has been updated.
  • Implemented feature #202: Added the post edit reason field
  • Made some new suggestions of custom CSS modifications which can be found in unb_lib/designs/modern/css.user.php.example. Copy the parts you like into your css.user.php.
If all goes well, I can keep up with Firefox these days and release the (hopefully last) RC 3 next Tuesday.

  • Fixed problem with UnbErrorLog function.
  • Fixed bug #258 (Code parser: Auto-lists). The ABBC parser can now handle lists with * at the line beginning in a somewhat safe way. Wrongly nested tags will no longer cause XML errors on the page. List items begin with a * at the line beginning, second-level items have two and thrid-level items have three stars. Deeper-level and ordered lists are currently not supported.
  • Added drop shadows to all box elements in the modern design
  • Changed modern design so that the additional information of forums and threads in the lists is displayed in much better structured tables instead of right-aligned plain floating text
  • Implemented feature #272 (Show a note when posting as a guest)
    Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated.
  • Added selection in the post editor to let the user specify the poll timeout in either hours or days.
    Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated.
  • Polls need at least two reply options.
    Warning: Translation file “post” has been updated.
  • Fix: Forums could not be moved to the top level and top level forums could not be edited to stay there.
    Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.

  • Added GeSHi code syntax highlighting. The old code made too many XML errors so I threw away my ugly PHP highlighting thing, the hackish C highlighter and the table-based line numbers. Since hiding the line numbers by CSS wasn’t effective as from 1.6 RC 1 on, I will change that to a CSS-based approach which is effective in not copying the line numbers into clipboard. Internet Explorer 6 won’t show these line numbers though. HTML and XML highlighting are still disabled due to XML errors in the GeSHi script. A future version shall fix that. Apart from that, we have a much higher number of highlighted languages now!
  • Renamed “Image not loaded” in [img]’s alt attribute in simply “Image”.
    Warning: Translation file “common” has been updated.

  • Disabled code block line numbers. They were just a too ugly hack and made XML trouble sometimes. Not sure when they’ll be back, probably not for the 1.6 final. To undo this, comment out the first return line in the AbbcLineNumbers function. See the forum announcement for a code reference.
  • Added experimental named URLs support. This appends the forum name and thread subject to all according links in the UnbLink function. It can be enabled with the named_urls configuration option (value: 1). It is only enabled with short URLs (mod_rewrite_urls option). Currently it may cause additional database queries and thus a performance decrease. Also the conversion to the name’s ANSI representation is far from complete (UnbToANSI function). Also updated the .htaccess file to allow the additional text after the numeric ID in the URL. Further code changes to recognise the numeric ID are not required, the .htaccess file throws away the additional text already.

  • Special characters in post editor now also provide alternatives of alternative characters
  • Special characters now shows a text note instead of nothing if there are no alternatives.
    Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated.
  • Worked on file comments for an automated code reference generation
  • Changed poll timeout back from days to hours. The install/upgrade script has been altered accordingly.
    Warning: There is no auto-upgrade for this change. If you have already upgraded your database since 2005-10-12 and need to keep poll timeouts intact, multiply every Threads.PollTimeout by 24 in the database.
    Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated.
  • Added a note asking the user to shorten the quotation, when quoting a post. Watch out for posteditorShortenQuoteNote in post.inc.php if you don’t like it.
    Warning: Translation file “posteditor” has been updated.

  • Fix: Repaired ‘split thread’ function
  • Fix: Wide statistics graphs only take a single line
  • Bookmarked threads have a bookmark icon next to the thread subject
  • MySQL 4.1 support: New installations can create native UTF-8 database tables. There’s a compatibility option “db_utf8” for older installations. The installation script now works on MySQL 5.0.

  • Added specialised functions to retrieve a number of threads, skipping ‘moved’ notes and inaccessible threads but keeping the number of threads by re-loading more if necessary. See UnbFindThreadsArray and UnbFindThreadsObjects at the end of thread.lib.php.
  • Created the “custompage” plug-in. It can be used to add own pages the navigation line and to integrate them in the board. See its code files for details.

2005-10-13 (Version 1.6 RC 2)
  • Fix: Fast reply and a preview of it now set the correct default notification
  • Fix: Repaired session IP netmask to actually work
  • Checked almost all pages with the XHTML validator and changed some things to be more compliant with the standards

  • Fix: Poll timeouts and Moved thread note expiry dates are now converted from the old 1.5 database by the install/update script (was: absolute timestamp in seconds, new: number of days relative to the beginning). The code already worked the new way, now the data is also correct.
  • Converted the abbc.user.php file into the new “abbctags” plug-in
  • The use of VeriWord CAPTCHA images is disabled at setup/update time when the server has no GD library installed. It will remain disabled if it was disabled before, so it will not be enabled automatically, though this is the factory default.
  • VeriWord image can now create PNG images if JPEG format is not available
  • No e-mails other than the validation key can be sent to unvalidated members’ e-mail address. Administrators can send e-mail to such users though.
    Warning: Translation file “controlpanel” has been updated.
  • When the board is administratively locked, user logins will be denied for non-admins. Thereby the auto-login cookies are not removed, should they be set, so that a later automatic re-login is possible.
  • Fix: Admin lock message is correctly saved again

  • AdSense plug-in: Made it more XHTML compliant (<object> instead of <iframe>); vertical banners are now at fixed position (when scrolling the page)
  • Alternate background colours for [code] blocks
  • Forums can be moved into other forums now (without what was the forums editor formerly)

  • Added and fine-tuned Google AdSense plug-in (still incomplete and not very easy to configure though)
  • Fix: Some pages caused the page load to timeout due to an endless loop in the UnbLink() function

  • Fix: Removing bookmarks did not work

  • Updated CHMOD note on the website and in the translation files.
    Warning: Translation file “install” has been updated.
  • Search Engine meta tags (noindex,follow) (#270)
  • Updated English translation of timezone names.
    Warning: Translation file “controlpanel” has been updated.

  • Fix: URL parameters were not assembled correctly. This disabled several functions, ACL editor (adding rules) and Show hidden forums have been reported.

  • Fix: Fast reply reset thread important and closed state
  • Fix: Moved note thread expiration date was handled incorrectly
  • Fix: ABBC parser now recognises URLs with an anchor (#)
  • Fast reply editor: Larger/Smaller links also scroll up/down the page accordingly
  • Fix: “Show IP” feature produced XML error (old echo-style code, changed into an info message for now)

This is from two days RC 1 feedback...
  • Fix: Parsing error with old auto-list code in the ABBC parser (Forum)
  • Fix: Editing posts showed some of the input fields to move posts and change the author ID
  • Fix: The threads list in English said “topics” instead of “Topics”
  • Fix: RSS cache tried to use the wrong directory
  • Fix: Fast reply reset thread notification mode
  • Fix: “Invalid thread” and “Invalid forum” error message did not show up
  • Fix: “Go to forum” selection box logged out the user because the session ID was not transmitted
  • Fix: Dereferer link was built incorrectly and did not work
  • Fix: Groups editor showed some strange behaviour
  • Fix: t2i() removes line breaks from HTML attributes. Posts like [img][code]\n[/code][/img] would have produced an XML error before.
  • Post editor text length counter turns red when exceeding 95% of the maximum post length
  • Post editor textbox is increased in size for long posts (as in UNB 1.5) and also has the resize controls as the quick reply editor
  • Fix: User profiles/Account data: Contact types are now translated
  • Fix: User settings/Account data: Brithday day/month/year have correct capitalisation
    Warning: Translation files have been updated.
  • Fix: User option “Fast reply” is regarded again. Was constantly “on” before. Also added a different link caption for fast reply.
    Warning: Translation files have been updated.
  • Fix: User settings, appearance options: Date format is explained now
    Warning: Translation files have been updated.
  • Fix: Post editor and fast reply editor have correct tab order again

  • Updated English translation
  • Added more translation text quantifiers (modulo compare: i.e. “.num2%10”)
  • Minor design tweaks
  • Finished ACL editor and Groups editor plug-ins
And many other things I have forgotten till now...

  • Completed Admin Control Panel with plug-ins management


  • Fixed special text formatting in the ABBC parser [#137]. The codes like *bold* or _underline_ now use regular [b] and [u] only when they should be processed at all, instead of everywhere. [code] blocks now won’t get these codes replaced into BBCode tags. Dropped support for |"..."| quotes, this wasn’t really used anyway.
  • Warning: Possibly incompatible change! Added the special user group for Guests with the ID 1. The other special groups Members, Mods and Admins (1, 2, 3) have moved to (2, 3, 4). The installer should update these group IDs automatically, but since the access rules for “any users and guests” are now assigned to “guests only”, there may appear logical errors in the ACL. You should check all these rules and modify them accordingly if necessary. You may especially find access rules that are no longer required. In any case, have the installer update your database or you won’t be able to use the board otherwise.

  • Fixed automatic linking of URLs [#137]. Now uses [url] tags and thus supports long URL shortening and correct use of dereferers.
  • Login data cookies are bound to the home_url path, defined in the configuration file
  • Automatic timezone detection for installation, registration and guest requests (in this case only from the second request because the first will set the cookie)

  • Index page counts new topics since last login and only shows the link if there are any. Ignored and hidden forums/threads are not counted here. There’s a new search query to find all new topics, including ignored or hidden ones. Made additional search queries list look better.
  • Search term highlighting in posts and subjects fixed. Works close to perfectly now that it’s integrated into the ABBC parser. [#190]
  • Added separation between filenames and URLs. You can now easily use different URLs than your actual file paths are, like in this website. Moved most directories inside the unb_lib/ directory to simplify this.

  • New ABBC tag parser option: Omit tags if their content is empty (or spaces only). Implemented as a per-tag option, defaults to true now. This makes empty [quote]s or [img]s simply disappear.

  • Changed design selection. The list of designs is now automatically detected, the name of the design is stored for each user instead of the design’s count index.

  • Nearly completed HTML templates support
  • Changed [size] tag to relative font sizes, “10” is normal, “12” is 120% e.g.
  • Fixed str_limit function to keep HTML entities intact
  • Added Location header to forward pages, loads a little faster now
  • Fixed message about deeper-level subforums with weblinks (Info)
  • Removed help page from the board itself, will add links to the documentation website in the future
  • Changed short URLs structure to /forum/5, /thread/123, /post/2345 and the like instead of /f.5, /123 and /123,2#2345
  • Improved database consistency (Info)
and a lot of other things I might have forgotten...

  • Added HTML templates support, still incomplete

  • Custom Actions plug-in

  • Fixed typos in the translations (de, en)
  • Improved dereferer avoiding for URLs in posts
  • Fix: C syntax highlighter ate up /* */ comments
  • Repaired Switch User code
  • Disabled linkification of log output, is XHTML compliant now
  • Disabled IE-PNG JavaScript hack
  • Repaired access log columns browser, OS and language
  • Fix: CP/Topic filter could show the header line multiple times [testing]
  • More typos and other little stuff...

  • Updated the helper tools
  • User list has a new icon telling if there’s a user photo present
  • Re-reading user avatar dimensions now respects the maximum allowed avatar size and scales present images down
  • BBCode buttons work again, fixed some typos in common.js
  • Restored PHP4 compatibility (stripos function)
  • Fixed XHTML content-type recognition for Opera 8
  • Fixed XHTML parse error in UnbShowPath()
  • Fixed page selection code, -1 goes to last page again
  • Fixed a potential bug in the database library (built SQL queries in the wrong order)
  • Fixed some typos concerning translation texts
  • Birthdays on the overview page no longer shown to guests
  • Fixed RSS feed security issues and empty feed problem
  • Some more typos corrected

  • Fixed Database error with clean installation
  • Fixed XHTML error in the navigation links
  • Fixed auto-login on installation
  • Fixed little layout issue with the links when no forums exist

This is a very huge update now. There’s almost no change to the surface, but the diff between 1.5.3 and this may be bigger then the source code itself. Here’s a rough overview:
  • Renamed directories, files, functions, global variables, cookies, session variables, constants and cleaned it up a lot to be more up-to-date and consistent; tidied up the source files with nice comments and such
  • Links are now generated through a common function. Most significant advantage: strict HTML compliance and thoroughly short URLs where possible
  • Almost completed database abstraction. Ready to create more database backends!
  • Import scripts now directly convert to UTF-8 character set
  • Re-worked UNB smilies set (other images, new smilies, lighter background blue)
A complete list of changes is available as a separate text file.
An there’s a new development version again, after 4 months!

2004-12-23 (Version 1.5.3)
  • Release test: Fix: An Admin could kick himself out of the board by clearing all group memberships
  • Config option ‘disallow_email_reuse’ is also respected when changing the profile e-mail address
  • More minor bugfixes

  • Admins get a warning in case they need to run the upgrade script after updating the board software
  • Updated the upgrade script to add required configuration options if they don’t exist
  • A lot of little changes to clean-up the code or design

  • Fixed a typo in the Database Check code (AdminCP)

  • Fixed the CSS generation. Quotes, Code blocks and all that now look again as expected.
  • A whole bunch of little enhancements, mostly visual

  • Fixed new posts info for forums with limited access
  • Fixed adding and removing polls
  • Changed smilies filenames and location

  • Fix: The text “Letzter Besuch” (Last visit) on the overview page is now in the translation table
  • Updated some graphics and CSS in all designs in consequence of the new board logo
  • Fix: Renamed config option ‘post_attach_inline_minheight’ to ‘post_attach_inline_maxheight’

  • Fix: The password recovery function didn’t store the correct password to the database.
  • Renamed the entire board from “BlackBoard” to “Unclassified NewsBoard”. More »

  • Added a JavaScript ‘trick’ for Internet Exploders to correctly show alpha channel transparent PNGs in a reasonable time. Thanks to smile for the code.

  • Opening an advanced options box automatically scrolls down the window by the height of the box to bring it into view
  • Posts can additionally be submitted with Ctrl+Enter (not supported by Internet Explorer, only tested with Firefox)

  • 3 little bugfixes (Global read only option; no plugin path set; setting an avatar)

  • Bugfixes today. Installation and some other things work again. New devel version.

  • Added Control Panel overview for all topic filters (ignoring/hiding forums/topics)
  • Removed “show read line” user option and generally enabled this function
  • Added some DHTML: JavaScript shows/hides or enables/disables form controls in an appropriate way at some places
  • Enhanced the Subscriptions and Bookmarks topic list in the User Control Panel
  • Fix: Control Panel’s birthday format note is now localised
  • An info message will be displayed when a CP page was saved instead of just going back to the same page with no message
  • Several little API enhancements and additions
  • Made the post saving code more robust to attachment file problems
  • Did I mention the “Advanced Options” links that show a panel with more links on a forum/thread? Look at the bottom of such a listing...
  • Improved the error log debug output. From PHP5 on, it adds the call stack to each error log entry.
An there’s a new development version again, after 3 weeks!

  • Brought new life to the HTML <link/> head fields. You can now easily switch between pages of any listings like topics, posts or users.
  • RSS link now moved to the bottom of the page

Today, feature #60 is mostly finished:
  • Ignored and hidden forums’ new topics won’t show up in the unread topics search now.
  • Hidden forums won’t be listed in the forums list.
  • Forums don’t inform about new posts in ignored topics.
  • Topics you haven’t start reading when clicking on “mark all forums/threads read” will not show up again as unread when new posts are added to them until you start reading them. (Auto-ignore)
  • Topic searches that are sorted by a topic’s last post’s date in some way are separated by a space between old and new topics. “Old” is where the last reply was written before your last visit.
  • Auto-ignore is a new user configuration option that is enabled by default.

  • Any ACL default limits for admins on avatar/photo dimensions and post attachment filesize have been removed. Admins now have the same limitations as any other user by default, which can be set from the AdminCP, security page. However, they might still decide to change these limits by custom access rules.

  • Who must not download post attaches, should neither be allowed to upload ones.
  • Extended the API functions for category collapsed states (shouldn’t currently affect anyone). They will be finally replaced later. Compare forum.lib.php and user.lib.php for changes.
  • Warning: Database layout change! Renamed table ‘UserCategoryState’ to ‘UserForumFlags’ and changed its structure and primary key. Use the install script to update your database.

  • Fix: Attachments can be removed from posts again

  • Fixed search bug with " getting changed to \" [patch 1.5.2-d]
  • Fixed endless loop if a user entered for example [quote user] or a similarly invalid BBCode tag [patch 1.5.2-d]

  • A note is shown on every page if the board is locked (closed) and you’re logged in (only applies to Admins)
  • Additional MIME type for PDFs files added to filetype resolution
  • Added plug-in “resolvemimetype” that can determine a file’s MIME type from the Apache mime.types file
  • Added database dump tool. It can be accessed from the Admin CP in the tools list.
  • Added new configuration option ‘use_php_mail’. If it is set, BlackBoard uses PHP’s mail() function to send out e-mails. Notice that this way, no MIME e-mails can be generated and mail subjects may be corrupted if they contain non-ASCII characters. This option can also be set from the Admin CP.
  • Added automatic flood protection. Denies access to IPs that set too many requests per time. Uses configuration options auto_ban_flood_ip, auto_ban_flood_ip_period and auto_ban_flood_ip_threshold.

  • Fix: ACL items for maximum avatar/photo size were factor 1024 too big [patch 1.5.2-c]
  • Fix: JavaScript error for some submit buttons [patch 1.5.2-c]
  • Fix: Post attachments were not removed from disk when deleting the thread [patch 1.5.2-c]
  • Fix: Users’ activation doesn’t remove all set group memberships but only adds “Members” membership [patch 1.5.2-c]

  • Fixed ‘make new password’ link [patch 1.5.2-b]
  • Added new configuration options: online_users_reload_interval, toplogo_url, user_online_timeout, no_cookies, disallow_email_reuse and allow_remote_avatars
  • Categories and forums inform about new posts recursively (can be limited to categories in the code, see forum.lib.php:IsNew())
  • Every link to search for a user’s posts sorts by the newest post first now
  • User profile: Messenger data and homepage address must be at least 3 characters long or will be saved empty. This prevents people from entering “-” in all fields which is not at all intended use and may confuse the system or other users.

  • Visually grouped users list filter and sorting controls into one block
  • Added experimental plug-in support with config options ‘plug_path’ and ‘disable_plugins’
  • Added demo plug-in ‘ad’ which inserts advertisements on the pages if enabled with the ‘show_ads’ option
  • Added demo plug-in ‘navlinks’ which inserts more links into the board’s navigation line
  • Added wordfilter plug-in, configured with ‘filter_words’ config option

  • Fix: Post attachment filename extension list (‘attach_exts’ option) works again and can also be empty to accept all filenames
  • Added 12 new configuration options: username_minlength, username_maxlength, usertitle_maxlength, topic_subject_minlength, topic_subject_maxlength, post_attach_inline_maxsize, post_attach_inline_maxwidth, post_attach_inline_minheight, show_birthdays, moved_thread_note_timeout, max_poll_options and disable_search_highlighting

  • Source code clean-up: Renamed all “messages” into “announcements”. This also affects database tables, CSS classes and file names.
    Warning: API change! The class IMessage has been renamed to IAnnounce.
    Warning: Database layout change! Tables ‘Messages’ and ‘MessageRead’ have been renamed to ‘Announces’ and ‘AnnounceRead’. Use the install script to update the database.
  • Fixed SQL error when splitting a thread: “Column count doesn’t match value count at row 1”. This may have prevented ThreadWatch data to be copied to the new thread (nothing serious) [patch 1.5.2-c]
  • Installer automatically determines current local timezone (with DST correction)

2004-11-02 (Version 1.5.2)
  • Fix: Upgrade note is only shown to admins instead of anyone
  • Fixed bug #159 ([Database] Statistics date must be 0h UTC). This leads to a duplicate statistic entry for all timezones except UTC, but the previous DST switch also created a dupe line. In the future, no more dupes should be created, even when the default timezone changes. Known issue: statistics days always begin at midnight UTC, which should be less significant for international boards.
  • Thread splitting now works for closed topics and only if there are at least two posts
  • <label/> for poll options work with Mozilla again (so you can click on the text instead of the radiobutton)
  • Remote avatars/photos will not be checked in size if PHP allow_url_fopen is off

  • Fixed slightly (but effectively) broken installer

  • Added experimental verification code support. Set config option ‘use_veriword’ to enable it. See feature #131 for details.

  • Fixed some undiscovered SQL query errors

  • Maximum post length is also enforced server-side
  • Did some XHTML compatibility work
  • Implemented enhancement #219 ([Posts handling] Select forum for new splitted thread)
  • Removing a forum moves all subforums one level up instead of recursively deleting them entirely
  • Fixed a possible bug with setting the category status of a forum

  • Fix: Half-successfully adding a new post could leave an invalid LastPostDate setting of the thread

  • Fixed bug #195 ([Code parser] Smilies are not recognised next to tags)
  • Removed any target attribute from <a target /> links, also for XHTML compatibility
  • Somewhat improved the text-only design appearance
  • Fix: Logout wasn’t possible with the last snapshot
  • Did some XHTML compatibility work

  • Found Hardened PHP today and built one of their parameter checks into the board (NUL characters are now all filtered out)

  • Critical fix: Yesterday’s development version had a bug in the changed forum levels function and thus didn’t respect access rights correctly.
  • Enh/Fix: “Mark all forums/threads as read” only marks them read up to the exact time when that link (the page) was generated. So you won’t miss any posts added between showing the “unread posts” list and clicking that link. Additionally, this fixed the bug that every thread this operation touched lost its notification and bookmark status.

  • Implemented feature #113 ([Installation] Update notification). Shows a note at the top of the page when a new BlackBoard version is available
  • Fix: Rearranging forums could under some rare circumstances make them disappear. I partially reimplemented the function GetAllForumLevels() that the access control relies on. It even seems it’s a few milliseconds faster now. :)
  • Thread’s subject and description will be displayed when replying to a topic or previewing a new topic

  • Messages (announcements) are now sorted by date, newest first
  • Fixed bug in related to database class, a function was not defined at the right place
  • Fix: File extensions list will now actually be enforced

  • No session ID parameter is generated for bots (search engines etc.)
  • Bots are no longer counted as guests in the statistics
  • GET actions cannot be forged by a user post anymore
  • Database errors are logged into the error log and will not be displayed in any case
  • Sessions are bound to the IP address (subnet mask definable in number of bits, option ‘session_ip_netmask’)
  • Fixed broken layout on statistics page for IE (and other browsers?)
  • Added “Re:” before topic subjects in the forums list, if the last post was a reply (option ‘display_forum_lastpost_re’)
  • Partially disabled opening links into new windows. This is not XHTML compliant and will be removed entirely later

  • Disabled nice_quotes (they eat up backslashes, I’ll fix this later)
  • Disabled links to show/hide code/quote blocks in a post (some unknown problems, didn’t work)
  • Fixed ABBC parameters processing
  • New generated passwords are stored with a keyed MD5 hash (doesn’t affect present data)
  • Several security enhancements behind the scenes

2004-10-06 (Patch level 1.5.1-h)
  • Security Update: Please upgrade to the latest patch level. More »

  • Finalised Invision Board 1.1.2 Converter (it can also get all text formatting out of that stored HTML now)

  • Replaced the board’s logo with a new, smaller one
  • Corrected minor spelling error in English translation...
  • Fixed database check tool for MySQL 3.x servers
  • Fixed a ACL parsing bug, concerning access rules for a single user... again... hope this time for good.
  • Fixed bug #17 ([Security] admin_lock doesn’t stop POST/GET forms)
  • Fix: Post editor will scroll back to the cursor when something is inserted from a button further down in the textbox
  • Renamed the login textfields’ names due to problems with Firefox’ password storage
  • No more mails with “bare LFs” are sent out, which has caused with qmail servers in the past
  • Some little code clean-ups
  • Limited nice quotes to 0 or 1 for now, due to display errors
  • Fix: Username of guest’s post can be changed now
  • Editing or deleting posts in a closed thread is now disallowed (except for moderators+ of course)
  • Added Firefox 0.10 (1.0PR) to browser detection
  • Began work on that a guest’s name is stored in the Guests database table
    Warning: Database layout change! Added Guests.UserName varchar(40) not null. Statistics update may not work without this update.
  • Fixed an SQL problem on the user list page for MySQL 3.x servers (wasn’t the correct JOIN syntax, anyway...)
  • Fixed RSS feed. It used to loop infinitely when stumbling across forbidden forums

  • Finished nice quotes with 4 pre-defined configurations (replaces i.e. “...” by “...”, „...” or «...»)

2004-09-25 (Patch level 1.5.1-g)
  • Fix: Post attachments are no longer gzip-content-compressed (good for IE downloads)
  • Fixed database check repair tool (Threads’ LastPostDate value)

2004-09-23 (Patch levels 1.5.1-e and -f)
  • Fixed security flaw with user profile access (read access was possible for anyone)
  • Fixed ABBC code parser bug when parsing tags with parameters after smilies
  • Fixed handling of uploaded filenames with PHP magic_quotes_gpc = On
  • Fixed file include error when previewing the default design from the CP

  • No fast reply if the thread is closed
  • Fixed ‘post has been edited after you read it’ warnings to a more stable and consistent behaviour

  • Distribution archive no longer contains a file called ‘board.conf.php’ but only an empty distribution copy. The installer will automatically create a copy of it in case no configuration file is already present or it is empty.

  • Implemented feature #192 ([Search] List recently displayed topics), now called “recently viewed topics”
  • Finished work at special search queries (see search page: New poll votes, Topics I have started, Topics I have posted to, ...)
  • Implemented feature #148 ([Source code] Use user css and cfg files for designs). You can now use the files usercss.php and usercfg.php in the design’s directory to make your changes to the designs that will then not be reverted by a software update.
  • Changed database layout (#192): Added ThreadWatch.LastViewed int NOT NULL

  • Fixed inline post attachment display with patch level 1.5.1-b
  • Fix: Current polls search is now available for guests, too
  • Implemented feature #40 ([Appearance] Send button right after post preview) with ‘post_preview_send_button’ config option
  • Implemented feature #135 ([Search] Find topics I have started) and tidied up the other search stuff a bit
  • New actions for BBCode buttons Quote, Code and Link, pushed with Shift key held
  • Link dereferer can now handle quoted URLs coming from [url="some.domain.com"] tags
  • Added config option ‘show_last_visit_time’ to display the user’s last visit time at the bottom of the main page
  • Added a workaround for Mozilla bug #258808, see ‘MOZILLABUG’ at various places in the source code

  • Fix: ACL rules for avatar and user photo file sizes wanted bytes and not kilobytes as advertised
  • Added config option ‘no_edit_note_grace_time’ for feature #66 from 2004-09-05 change
  • Inline image display of post attachments also needs ‘downloadattach’ right (see discussion, no. 2)
  • Finished localisation for enhancement #200 ([Appearance] “Previous posts have beed edited” note). Now it can also count the number of edited posts

  • ForwardHTML() timings corrected... The page that was redirected to was actually requested twice by the browser.
  • Holding the Shift key while clicking the “Quote” BBCode button splits a quote on that line

  • Minor source code fix: cp.inc.php:CPForm() had a missing global $libpath

  • Fixed some minor things with ‘mod_rewrite_urls’ (wasn’t really used before, even if enabled)

  • Fixed minor issues with PHP code syntax highlighting and “posts have been edited” warning
  • Fixed “Jump to forum” list, it won’t list Web Link forums again. Entering a forum that is actually a Web Link won’t be allowed neither
  • Fixed bug #20 ([Security] Bypass forum to directly download post attachments with HTTP)
  • Fix: Unassociated forums didn’t show up any more in the forums overview (Admin CP) and were lost (and additionally you could create an endless loop with self-parented forums)
  • Implemented enhancement #187 ([Posts handling] Allow any post attachment filename extension)
  • Implemented feature #150 ([Source code] Cleartext passwords in config files)
    Warning: Incompatible change! You must prepend the string “b64:” to all three passwords stored in the board.conf.php file or you cannot access the forum anymore.
  • Implemented feature #66 ([Posts handling] No edit note if the post was not read and is not too old)
  • Added config option ‘new_topic_link_in_thread’ (default: off) option to show a “New topic” link within thread pages (next to “Reply”)
  • Added four config options ‘abbc_sig_no_*’ for limiting the ABBC code parser subset for users’ post signatures

  • Fixed tab order for guests on posting form page
  • Changed the threads list icons legend so that it only shows icons that actually appear in this list
  • Added design option to set the overall width of the board page ($TABLE['outer']['width'])
  • All code files contain no non-ASCII characters any more so that they can be edited with any selected codepage (this does not apply to language files which remain UTF-8 encoded)
  • Almost finished enhancement #200 ([Appearance] “Previous posts have beed edited” note) (localisation is still missing)
  • Search in topic subjects also finds in topic subtitles (description) and highlights everything it finds
  • Weekdays for birthdates later than 1970 are shown if specified in the dateformat definition

  • Fix: Admin CP, page “Security”, couldn’t update maximum avatar and photo filesize
  • Modified search words highlighting so that it doesn’t break things inside HTML tags anymore. But for some regular expression’s fault (I believe this cannot be done with a single RegExp...) not all occurrences of the word(s) are highlighted. (I have four versions of that code now (around common_post.lib.php:577), and none works correctly!) But I let it this way until highlighting is taken over by the ABBC parser. At least nothing gets broken any more and it highlights some occurrences...
  • Fixed the bug that (at least) guests couldn’t create polls although they were explicitly allowed to by ACL with a new thread

  • Enhanced RSS newsfeed: It can now show all posts from all forums you have access for
  • Even more XHTML compliance now. See bug #147 ([Source code] XHTML compliance). (This was after the development snapshot release.)

  • Counting the number of unread posts in the threads list
  • Smilie codes can have the following characters again: < > & [ ]
  • Fixed bug #184 ([Code parser] Subsequent *bold* or other special syntax is not found)
  • Fixed bug #156 ([Source code] Make smilies codes case-insensitive (ABBC))

  • Fix: Moved thread notes were displaced when threads list had views counter disabled
  • Fix: [code=php] displayed wrong colour for the first word. And now code highlighting also works on PHP 5
  • You can now create new forums from the Admin CP: Forums overview page (there’s a link to the form)
  • Every second code block line is shaded a little (not on IE)
  • More minor design changes

  • Empty post attachments are no longer allowed (this doesn’t make much sense anyway...)
  • Removed contact icons from horizontal layout and put them all back to old layout
  • More design changes, mostly horizontal layout, quotes, code blocks (and tidied up the ABBC/CSS code a bit)

  • Minor design changes, mostly for horizontal layout

2004-08-15 (Version 1.5)
  • Some minor issues with PHP 5, Opera and board uninstallation solved

  • Actually restored PHP5 compatibility... This time with PHP 5.0.0 final

  • Fix: Avatar and Photo of a removed user are also deleted from disk now
  • Fix: Deleting users no longer leaves broken references for their posts and threads in the database
  • Added a database consistency check tool (see bug #5 ([Installation] Really check database integrity on import))
  • Fixed bug #174 ([Source code] IThread::Find must accept custom WHERE definition)
  • Fix: Deleting a post no longer breaks the posts’ reply references chain
  • Added first version of Invision Power Board 1.1.2 import script

  • Added experimental RSS feed support: There’s an XML icon in every forum where you can track new topics. You have guest access for this, there’s no authentication right now. You could use such a newsfeed i.e. for an announcements forum. Set the config option show_forum_rss_link = 1 to see it.

  • ABBC Parser: Improved automatic link detection. Hope it doesn’t break again now
  • Thread icons overview is only displayed when there are some threads at all with these icons
  • Fixed a problem with display of nested forums’ descriptions
  • Source code: Content-type header can now be preset from the outside with $CONTTYPE. See public.lib.php

  • New thread icons
  • ‘Hot thread’ icons are available and used again. There’s still a configuration setting in the Admin CP
  • A small list of thread icons describes their meaning at the end of any threads list
  • ‘Reply’ link will always reply to the last posting of this thread (for correct threaded view later then)
  • You can only reply with the page’s link on the last page of a thread. You can nevertheless reply to any particular posting
  • Fix: line break problems with IE for posting header in horizontal layout
  • PHP’s error reporting level is automatically set to ‘all but notices’
  • Numbers on statistics page are formatted correctly
  • Login textboxes have tabindex 1 to 3 for better accessibility

2004-07-24 (RC 2)
  • Automatic trailing slash handling for URLs and path names in the configuration
  • Replaced forum graphics
  • Added design option for width of forum icon column in the forums list
  • Added configuration option ‘attach_exts’: Only file extensions listed in this array are allowed as post attachments. This list was previously hard-coded.
  • Fixed a potential bug in attachment filesize check
  • Fix: Mac Internet Explorer 5.x is no longer recognised as Netscape 4
  • Fix: Notification message for new threads is correctly assembled with and without thread descriptions

  • Began work on the new tiny layout as an extension of the horizontal layout (can only be enabled globally in the source code) (Task #29)

  • Forum description is displayed below forum name at top of threads list page
  • Fixed a bug with replying to polls without using FastReply

  • Updated Dutch translation
  • New configuration file option: show_bookmarked_thread. Shows a bookmark icon with bookmarked topics in the list
  • Fix: Avatars in the operators team are always displayed in full size again (show halfsize avatars user option)
  • New design option: bookmark icon (aka favicon)

2004-06-17 (RC 1 patch 2)
  • Fixed the last fix... (that wasn’t really in)

  • Fixed some issues with embedding in other pages
  • Changed to long <?php ?> tags in the help files

2004-06-14 (RC 1 patch 1)
  • Resolved JavaScript errors for the price of XHTML compliance. It’s a pity that widely spread browser(s) don’t actually support XHTML yet. I shouldn’t have looked through W3C’s XHTML specs right before RC 1 release...

2004-06-12 (RC 1)
  • Better XHTML compliance, found some more XML syntax errors

  • Fixed some minor bugs

  • Minor bugfixes that came from the recent code changes
  • Almost fully XHTML compliant now! (I checked with the W3C HTML Validator and found quite some bugs again.)

  • Finished quote changes
  • Updated dutch language
  • This snapshot already contains all features of the 1.5 release (only the update/import script is missing)

  • More XHTML and CSS2 (aka Quote changes)

  • Minor cosmetic updates
  • New user options: Hide others’ avatars / signatures

  • Getting on a little every day. Damn, I didn’t think there could so many bugs in it... ;)
  • Improved for small layout.

  • Some minor bugfixes again.
  • Splitting threads is now in!

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