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There is no roadmap for this application, the road is closed. Please read the information about the status of this software on the home page. The following content is left for archaeologists.

This roadmap contains all tasks I have scheduled for future versions from today’s point of view. Open bugs may be resolved somewhere in between the other scheduled tasks.

2004-08-15 Version 1.5
2004-09-11 Version 1.5.1
100% A *lot* of little things
100% Finalise RSS feed
100% Security improvements
100% ...and begin watching out for full XHTML compliance... (#147)
2004-11-02 Version 1.5.2 (update, bugfix and maintenance release; code clean-up)
100% Unread threads management with filtering (#60)
100% Word filter
100% A new name
2004-12-23 Version 1.5.3 (update and maintenance release)
100% Massive code clean-up
100% New ‘table-less layout’ with templates and other design changes
100% Admin CP redesign (#218), integrate all config options and new tools
100% Finish Plug-Ins
100% Bugfixes... (#137, #190) (XHTML finished?)
50% Update documentation where it is out of date (CSS, more usage questions)
2005-12-04 Version 1.6 (new design, code clean-up)
100% Several bugfixes on the previous release
2006-01-28 Version 1.6.1 (bugfixes)

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0% Database redundancy optimisation (#168)
0% HTML post cache (#107)
0% Private/group messaging (Forum)
Version 1.7 (more performance)
0% MultiQuote (#73)
0% Multiple attachments (#124)
0% Send mails to multiple recipients, aka ‘Newsletter’ (#86)
Version 1.8
At this point I don’t currently have further plans for the UNB 1.x series. The software should be a stable and full-featured news forum application then, ready for a wide usage. But of course, this isn’t the end of my ideas! I’m already thinking about the UNB 2 series and slowly forming plans for the next generation newsboard application. I’m going to continue to support UNB 1.x then, including release of bugfixes and maybe also some small new feature.
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